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oh gosh this file is so huge, sorry! All of this is art from August to December this year. Happy New Year everyone!
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Is that a Mettaton S I see there? :O
OcioProduction's avatar
Bunny Emoji-09 (Cry) [V1] how many to learn.........
BuuWho's avatar, Cash, you been working!!
Some of my favs Paps, Rick and Morty, and MTT!
HalfGeniusHalfWit's avatar
Ahhh you are wonderful!  It is SO good to see you back :D
Firestar24's avatar
You're incredible! Can't wait for more in 2016
Josukespimphand's avatar
EVERYTHING LOOKS SO AWESOME!!!! I am still in AWE OVER YOU BEAUTIFUL ART LIKE LET ME DROOL!!!!!!!!? It's always a pleasure to see whats new you posted and I'm like lost for words @////@!!!
InkyBrain's avatar
*drools over Rick & Morty, and handsome Hancock* 
Nadiezda's avatar
IM SO IN LOVE holy shit <3<3<3
Zaza714's avatar
Ohohohoho Big Fool Emoji-12 (Pervy Flirt) [V2] 

That's one precious art dump <3
Boarguts's avatar
so much sxe here!
Invaech-Levh's avatar
Love the furry characters and the Fallout Ghouls. Good to see you've climbed out of the recent darkness and are back to drawing.
Keep up the great job!
BatterBlitz's avatar
I have a tear in my eye, this is beautiful. //v\\
jamaicancrocodile's avatar
that beautiful man somewhere on the right posing was... quite delicious. i hope to see more arts from you next year, hun!
scribblecloud's avatar
Them transformers eeee (good to see a Ryan snuck in there too)
rorsla1's avatar
Only August to December? That's so muuuuuch.
Crazy talented!
FeatherhowlArt's avatar
I see my ghoul husband within all of this amazing art <3
Multi-Fandomcube's avatar
KittenKabob's avatar
Uggghhh the Rick and Morty pieces!! So fantastic!!!
shroomcat's avatar
Wahaha. How chill and triumphant the Transformer sits at the bottom of the page.
Can't tell you enough how glad I am for your return and well being! YOU DESERVE IT SO MUCH! :*
Pirate-Cashoo's avatar
awww thank you dear :heart: doin my best!
shroomcat's avatar
i know you are. :3 
wish you a happy new year full of love, art, and... love!!
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Who is the black guy beside Jolyne
Pirate-Cashoo's avatar
it's Hermes Costello!
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