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Silver Spoon Vector

I noticed a disturbing lack of Silver Spoon vectors here on DeviantArt, so hopefully this one will be useful to you all.

Vector .SVG Download: [link]

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"It's SPOON time!"
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used this as a reference thanks!
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Her glasses remind me of myself sometimes xD
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silver spoon isnt mean. she just does everything dimond tiara says because she doent want to be bullied. she is llike babs seed!
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How do you suppose she'd look as a senior citizen?  (Think Granny Smith.)
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She looks pretty cute!
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She always looks cute :meow:
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DT & SS are the cutest ponies :D
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Well, Sweetie Belle's the cutest filly!
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I think Diamond Tiara is cuter ;)
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Whatever you say.
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Just letting you know that I used this for a background kind of thing in my MLP Color Guide. I've obviously given you credit for it and linked back to here.
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used and credited here [link]
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I'm kinda torn about how I feel about Silver Spoon. I mean, she's an annoying brat, but I think that deep down she has the potential to be nice and that she's just acting like Diamond Tiara to mantain their friendship. There are several scenes where Silver Spoon is rather awkward and just repeats what Diamond Tiara says "Uhh, yeah, blank flank!" and she does clap for Granny Smith after her presentation in Family Appreciation Day. Plus, I kinda dig her design. Ooooh, to hate or not to hate!
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Honestly, I have the same conflict about her character as well.
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L like her. If she acted a bit more like DT, I would LOVE her. GET ON IT, SPOONY!!
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Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I used this Vector for one of my Artworks :) [link]
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Cool! Thanks for letting me know
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