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Pinkie Pie is Angry

Pinkie is going on a rant about Zecora or something.

Vector PSD file: [link]

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great more gravy flavored toothpaste 
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(Cliche)  She's cute when she's angry.
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Life's too short!

To let you treat the people down there,
Just as coldly as you always treated me! (Lala lalalala)

Life's too short!
To listen to a reckless FOOL!
Who only ever sees the things she wants to see!

You don't know me! (You have no idea!)

What I've been through!
Because of you!
Life's too short to waste another minute
Life's too short to even have you in it!
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I use to make a base?
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I'll credit this in my wallpaper for my fanfic
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Used and credited… sorry for taking so long
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Heya, used this to make some pixel art! Hope you enjoy!

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Great job on vectoring Pinkie Pie ~piranhaplant1, I really love it:)

If it's okay with you, can I use it?
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Yep, all my vectors are free to use :)
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