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Sweetie belle - Handmade plush - For SAlE

With the resent update of my regular pony pattern i decided i should also do a little update of the filly one
more like fully make one as the previous one i had was for 6" fillies and i wanted one to go in proportion with new Mares

I been wishing to make sweetie for a long time
im so happy how she turned out, will be to make Scootaloo next as she is part of my commission list
she will have a completely different pose tho.

She is about 10" tall
 fully made out of minky and stuffed with polyester fiver
  Well constructed and balanced so she doesn't have any extra weight inside her to be able to stand by herself
    She has flat hooves and fully "realistic 3D" features" specially seen on her cute chubby hips, more defined area on the neck-chest-front legs
      Her tail and mane also mach each other with the 3D effect so non are flat but rather puffy, voluminous on all directions and with cute curly curls. 
       There is a little coat of sparkle glitter over her horn
          She also has 3D eye lashes and some beautiful glossy eyes i custom make myself.

She is available for sale
Drop me a note if you are interested!


More updates coming soon :D (Big Grin)
Thank you for your patience and support!
And don't forget to leave a comment, they mean a lot to me!

Thanks for taking your time to look at my work!!


Want to buy ??
please read the info in the link below :) (Smile)
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She looks like she's curious/cautiously investigating something.
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I love her, she is so adorable!! Love 
NoreliaBlack's avatar
*-* I like...
Ther is it Applebloom? *-*
PonyUniverse's avatar
D'aaawww, she's so adorable!!
Piquipauparro's avatar
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What an adorable bundle of fluff! :aww:
oobajoo's avatar
so very cute ^,^
TheHarley's avatar
Awwww she is downright adorable!
She looks fantastic down to the last detail, the curls are my favorite, but I'm most impressed with the way you've balanced her without weights anywhere.  
Amazing work! :D
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OhmyGAWD. That is the most adorable Sweetie Belle I've ever seen. I want her so bad.


My husband would probably murder me if I spent what she's worth on a single plushie. Alas. Whoever gets her is going to be a VERY lucky brony, she's utterly perfect.
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thank you so much for your words! 
its a big compliment to hear someone consider her the best
thank you!
i hope she finds a good home soon :)
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Aww, she looks so cute!
Love those curls!
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thank you!
im glad you like her :D
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So cute, and I love the button eyes!
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But sadly I am poor and cannot :iconcryingplz:
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