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Raichu - handmade plushie

Raichu! i choose you!

This chubby guy is among the several plushies that got started along the year but got set aside for ore reason or another :o
Im so happy to see him all cute and ready :3 he stayed as a big white orange ball for too long XD

I wanted him to resemble his earliest artwork and sprites, he looked so cute! all rounder, with huge feet a cute smile and big ears
i think his body shape resembles more a little bear now.. and deddene decided to claim Raichu`s old look XD  

  Im so happy how he turned out *_* he is so chubby :D

      Fully made out of Minky fabric and  Stuffed with Polyester fiver 
       He stands 9.5" tall, 13" with ears, and the tail is extra long!
         I  decided to give the ears a little "realistic" touch to add more character :9
           The pattern used is of my own design, i have also fully crafted the eyes.

Loved working on this guy
now... to the next plushie!! 

*+-  Thanks for taking your time to look at my work!! Here's a kiss for you, my love!
more beautiful plushies on the way!

Interested on commissions ??
please read the info in the link below :) (Smile)

       -- Pattern NOT for sale NOR free distribution --
 --Check my FAQ at my profile page  --
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Oh? So this is what my cousin *thinks* he looks like when asking for my computer
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Dam that is cute.

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wonderful crafting!:) (Smile) 
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let me just say that plush is litertary the closest thing to a raichu please do a tutroral.
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You have such an incredible gift to make these! I love seeing all of them!
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What would the cost be to recreate this plush? Also this one:…
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drop me a note and i can give you more info on quotes :)
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Heh, I just found your pricing page... I'll probably need to order a commission later!
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Love this style of Raichu looks more cuddly FREE flying hearts Icon 
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The best Raichu plush doll I've ever seen Love 
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Nice Raichu! :)
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HEEE LOOKS SOOO CHIBI!!!#!!!! I wanna hug it!~
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OH, raichu is so  SWEEEET. <3
My heart is melting.
So many feelings... POKEMON!
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This looks really good! I'm always amazed when people can do such crafty things like sewing and making patterns. That world is just so foreign to me it appears as magic. 
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You need to sell these!!! You're so good at all thus crafty stuff
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The perfect Raichu plush.
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awe so cute i love your plushie
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