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Queen Chrysalis - Handmade plushie



After a long time im so thrilled to finally have her finished :D
i really wanted to make her  and mostly  i wanted to portray her like the dangerous villian she is and not like a cuddly plushie
my, am i so happy with how she turned out!  *_*
that grin on her face... the pointy fangs... that look on her eyes!  yes yes yes
she was a lot of work, it was quite an experience!

And Chrysalis is quite the queen of balance! she is tall standing at "26.5"  in only 3 of her thin legs (what a pose she has!), add to that that there are holes on them :o funny tho, they actually bring some support XD  
    Talking about holes, im so pleased how they came out :eagger: specially the half ones on the sides! they are really neat and sharp looking, strong and durable! they wont get deformed with time :) i wasn't able to take a photo where all were showing of due to her legs not being parallel to each other, but you can still have a good look at them.
        Her wings are so pretty! they have an iridescent shine, they also have a gradient  from dark blue on the tips to green. I have the idea that they are somehow curved instead of flat :P
            For her eyes i did something more complex to make them more vivid, deep and interesting, the camera wasnt kind to capture the detail but they look fantastic in person! *3*
                her "cape" is had painted and has a really nice soft texture, it has a little shine on the darker areas and is securely sewn on place along with her belt.
                    Love her crown! so slim and crazy XD, the jewels have a pearly finishing,
and im so happy with her mane too! im pleased with how if flows down straight and thin with no bulky areas, the perpective on the photos dont show the holes that well, but they are there. i may need to take extra photos :I
                         she is made out of minky and stuffed with polyester fiver, strong internal wiring help supporting her.

she also doubles as a blind bag pony display XD
Feet by Piquipauparro

I really enjoy making complex plushies :)

*-.  Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my work!


Interested on commissions ??
please read the info in the link below :) (Smile)

       -- Pattern NOT for sale NOR free distribution --
 --Find my FAQ at my profile page!  --

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