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OLD REF A.L.S Midnight Masquerade Murder ** ~1530

:new: NEW REF!! A.L.S Midnight Masquerade Murder ** ~ 1530 by Pipsqueak09

Registerd name: Midnight masquerade murder
Barn Name: Miss, Mask
Stars: :star: :star:
One Star Padro Ribbon by KimboKah 
Blood quality: none yet •~•
Age: 8 years
Gender: mare
ID: 1530
Geno:EE aa HlwHlw ZiZi nWds minnSpk
rp: 41
breeding spots: 13

Personality: MMM is a hell fire when she doesnt get her way. She is very picky about her herd mates and is a very dominant mare that she will push geldings around.  But if she likes you she will have no trouble letting you know it. (more to come)

Breeding Spots:
Slot 1: Art Reserved for :iconthemadfurball: ~paid~
Slot 2: Art~ Reserved for :iconshockmyworld12: ~pic done~
Slot 3: Art reserved for :iconofficerwolfington: A shot across the bow ~art done~
Slot 4: Closed
Slot 5: Slot trade with :iconunknownridersstable:
Slot 6: Closed
Slot 7: Closed
Slot 8: Closed
Slot 9: Closed
Slot 10: Closed
Slot 11: lucifers flood
Slot 12: used to fangolly
Slot 13: used to NGS So Emotional

Foal 1: Murdering lucifer
Foal 2: NGS HoneyDrop
Foal 3: Masquerading as Cupid 
Foal 4: Emotional Murder 
Foal 5:
Foal 6:
Foal 7:
Foal 8:
Foal 9:
Foal 10:
Foal 11:
Foal 12:
Foal 13:

Padro Points 52
this ref: +3
import: +7
breeding payment#1 ~officerwolfington~ A.L.S. Midnight Masquerade Murder +3  (shaded colored body) 
Breeding payment ~theMadFurBall~ How about you just get OUT OF MY WAY? +3(colored body,simple background) 
Breeding Payment ~ Shockmyworld12~  A Murder At Sunset +6 (colored body, good Background) 
Breeding payment ~ group horse fangolly~ + 3 Fangolly breeding submission attempt  (+3pp for .5 points from 6pp pic)
YHH ~ Naeezadopts ~ We run +6 (+3 for fullbody flat coloring,+3 detailed bg)
Midnight Runner ~  +8 (+5 shaded full body, +3 small animation)
Breeding Payment ~ yourclosetninja ~ +8 A Stroke of Moonlight (+5 shaded colored body, +3 Detailed Bg)
Thank you picture ~ proteanStorm ~ +8 Nightmare  (+5 shaded colored body, +3 Detailed Bg)
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is it possible to get a slot to her?