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Song Interrupted

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Finally finished my first comic, learned a lot about Illustrator while making this, heck, it's visible from the first frame to the last where my improvements are. Let me know what you think.
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Fluttershy is either going to give the CMC The Stare with absolute rage or stay in her cottage crying mourning the death of her flying squirrel.
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eviewolfcomics1Hobbyist Digital Artist
I cried when I read the last part...you cruel heartless creature
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hahahahahahahahaha oh man poor fluttershy ........hahahahahahahahhaha but not the flying squirrel hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh man i feed bad to day sorry
pffff wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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She shoots better better than Andrew Zimmerman.
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Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmerman.
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Oh, I thought you were talking about the Trayvon Martin Zimmerman
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Who's that?
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RDLdoesRobloxStudent Digital Artist
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if Fluttershy is so sensitive about one fluffy thing so she really should change work, nature is about murder because murder facilitates natural selection, poor Flutters :D
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theviolingal12Hobbyist Digital Artist

AB's gunna bleed tonight.
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KartoffelkammHobbyist Writer
i think Fluttershy may just use one or two tricks she learnd when watching Ghost Rider. and yes, i think she watches that kind of movies, for whatever reason. i also think most of her songs she always kept mentioning in Rainbow Rocks sound like they were copy and pasted from Amon Amarth.
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Oh, that's awful...
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Go apple bloom!
Apple Bloom clapping icon 
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i laughed at this one........
im SO going to hell for that
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LpscarinawolfAJHobbyist Artist
awe fluttershy's eye in 7 panel x3
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rainbowdash0221Student Artisan Crafter
Apple jack :i ground ya for 10 years!

rarity: your grounded sweetie belle for 2 years!
rainbow dash: Your grounded
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YulizieLoveProfessional General Artist
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poisonflame616Hobbyist Writer
Scootaloos face makes this even funnier
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