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Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to...meeeEeeee!
My mom was driving me to school when a deer jumped outa nowhere and slammed into the car. Thankfully we ended up in someone's yard, and they helped.
We aren't hurt, just a little scared. So I'm home today. 
Hadibug811 EmTheLazyFangirl
I'm gonna try to write a story about the universe me and my buddies got goin'. I wanna put a lota effort into it, so I wanna know if you guys would read it. I'll only post it when the full thing is complete, so it may be a while, but I hope in the end it's worth it. If I at least get 3 or 4 people interested, I'll make it.
-Continued from the last

I attemted to kill Danny. However I wanted to be fast, and I couldn't quite do it. He moved a lot, causing me to harm other areas. I gave up going for the heart and went with it. I had cut his chest, stomach, nose, the general pelvic area, and one of his legs.
He wouldn't get up. He was busy panicing, holding the wounds. He was cursing at me, and himself for trusting me. He was trying to make me feel sorry. But I can't be sorry. I'm just a souless husk of a man.
My plan had worked out. I called the police on him, saying he tried attacking me when he called me in there, and that I got scared and did what my instincts told me to do.
"He's a criminal! Please, you need to come quick! I don't know when he's gonna get back up!"
My act was suprisingly spot on as to how I wanted. I bit to feminine sounding, but hey, it still worked nontheless.
Not long after the call, there were several police cars, and even an ambulance, which I suppose is reasonable. They came in, and asked many questions as they carried him off. All my words were lies. Each word covered in sin.
Danny had went to the hospital to get patched up first. And just to make it ironic, I went to visit him there. When I saw him, he had stitches all over. When he looked to see his visitor, he was certainly suprised.
"James...You lied! You lied! Everything you said were lies! I'd never kill your damn parents! You devil!"
He tried to get me, but the nurses kept him back.
"I'm so sorry sir. It might be best if you leave..." The one nurse said. Her name tag read the name "Lilly". What a cute little name. To bad she was blind to see my lies.
"I agree. Tell my friend that I still love him like a brother."
I left, and returned to my parents home. The bodies were gone. I suppose the police and others did their job.
I sat on the couch, smiling. Smiling a stupid grin. I couldn't help but laugh. None of them saw it coming. I continued laughing. I felt like I wasn't there. My laughs grew louder. Now I knew I was gone. All my sanity had just vanished! I was....mad! Yes, a mad man!
I did odd things. I didn't know why, but I tried hurting myself. Except it wasn't normal. No, not normal at all. I enjoyed it. It gave me a feeling of pleasure. I kept going, keeping away from the veins of course. After all, I didn't wanna die!
All that death feels so long ago. It's only been maybe eight years. I look back at it all and smile. It didn't effect me personally, so, I don't care too much. It was fun. And my life is still great!
Everyone loves me. Ladies, men, you name it! I now have a fine house. I have two dogs, which bark constantly. I even have my new friend living with me. Though he's less of a friend...and more of a son to me.
I managed to get myself a girlfriend. She's an interesting woman alright. Very...different. But that's what I like about her. 
Despite all this, I still have an evil heart and mind. To be truthful for once, I can agree that I am the mortal version of Satan. Now that's a fun thing to think about...


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Just your average wild PipeZilla. Native to the plains of my bedroom. My prey is bologna and yogurt. Sewer water tastes great, m8.


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