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Un Jour en France (Chat Noir x Reader)[Chapter 22]
I really like Kesha - the Harold Song and her other song Feels Like Rain. I'm like 'THAT IS SO ADRIEN AND (Y/N)'S SONG!' xD
I sighed a bit when I awoke, not moving at all. I felt hands in my hair, gently running through it as another hand rest on my hip. My legs were intertwined with others and I remembered that Adrien was here. Did he stay here all night with me? I sighed once more and shivered a bit, snuggling into him more and he tightened his grip carefully as to not hurt me. I heard my mother whisper to Adrien, who turned his head.
"Do you need anything, Adrien? I made lunch."
He looked down and then shook his head, saying.
"No, I'm fine. Thank you, Mrs. (L/n)."
She smiled and nodded, though I didn't see. My eyes were still closed and I became aware of everything else. I felt Adrien's bare legs and realized he was in shorts and a t shirt. Did he change in the morning or did he wake up in the middle of the night? I didn't care and I decided it was time to finally 'wake up'. I stret
:iconadamgontierfan:AdamGontierfan 39 23
Un Jour en France (Chat Noir x Reader)[Chapter 21]
Thanks to everyone who reviewed! I honestly love hearing your responses! Here's chappie 21! Enjoy!
After that, the doctors watched my vitals more carefully. Apparently, one of my broken ribs had done something and which made me almost die. Nurses helped me shower in the bathroom provided, making sure to undress and redress the bandages they had wrapped around my torso. It hurt, but at least I didn't stink and my hair wasn't atrociously gross. Adrien visited me frequently over the course of the six weeks, never letting me go without at least three hours of my time being taken. He helped me catch up on my schoolwork, informed me of the latest gossip. Apparently, Chloe had no memory of hurting me but she did remember me putting her in her place. She still bitched, still complained, still tried to come on to Adrien (which made me angry for some reason), and I could only sigh. I had a feeling that Chloe would do that but at least she had toned it down. I felt a lot better but what made me f
:iconadamgontierfan:AdamGontierfan 35 6
Un Jour en France (Chat Noir x Reader)[Chapter 20]
FALSKDJF;ASJDFASKDFJ WHAT HAVE I DOOOOOOOOOOOONE! Oh dear. this complicates things...not? x3
I was shocked a bit at us both but all I could do was whisper back.
"I won't..."
Adrien opened his eyes and smiled down at me softly, the back of his hand on my face. His hand was a bit cold but I didn't care. All I cared about was him and me. I smiled, my eyes still closed and slowly, I opened them and I looked up at him. My hand carefully and a bit shakily came up to his cheek, cupping it and he leaned into my touch, sighing a bit and we just stood there, staring at each other. All that we saw was each other. Me and him. Just us. We both ignored the sound of the door opening and Adrien leaned down once more, his lips lacing mine once more as if to make sure this was real. Was it? Was it truly real? Was I still in the hospital? Just dreaming this? He pulled away a moment too soon and he said.
"I have to go...but I'll be back soon."
I nodded and my hand dropped to his shoulder. As he walked awa
:iconadamgontierfan:AdamGontierfan 41 19
Un Jour en France (Chat Noir x Reader)[Chapter 19]
He he thanks to everyone who reviewed x3
My screams echoed through out the daytime air as the wind whipped unforgiving against my skin as I fell towards the ground. I could hear Adrien screams for me through the phone but I could not reply. With the wind and my screams, I was slowly suffocating. I hit the side of the Eiffel and the force made me scream out louder and pushed me farther away from the tower, my side bursting with pain. I was now facing the sky, my back to the ground and I could only wait for impact. However, just when I thought I was about to die, hands wrapped around my waist and on instinct, I grabbed on and closed my eyes. When the wind stopped and we were on the ground, I sobbed, shaking violently. I could hear the voice of Chat Noir soothing me.
"There, There, mon amour, I've got you. You are safe."
I cried into his shoulder, shaking uncontrollably and I could feel his hand gently running through my hair, over and over. I held onto him tightly, shaking and sobbing an
:iconadamgontierfan:AdamGontierfan 40 8
Un Jour en France (Chat Noir x Reader)[Chapter 18]
I write this while I listen to Jeffree Star xD Dear god, help me.
The moment I walked out of the office, everyone gasped and asked me what happened.
"Whoa, guys! Back it up a bit, please?"
They did as told and Alix asked.
"So, what's gonna happen?"
I smiled a bit and replied, rubbing the back of my neck while Adrien let go of my hand but stood closer to me.
"Nothing is gonna happen. He let me off the hook, though he had a valid reason to."
Everyone gasped and Kim asked me with wide eyes.
"You mean Mayor Bourgeois isn't gonna kick you out of Paris?"
"Nope. I'm still here."
Everyone immediately hugged me and I gasped, laughing. At the moment, my parents walked out and they both laughed, my father teasing.
"See what happens when you're not anti-social?"
He laughed and my mother said, being her friendly self as always.
"You kids have a good rest of the day now!"
We all nodded and Marinette came over to me, her eyes wide and she hugged me. I gasped and stood there, frozen and slowly,
:iconadamgontierfan:AdamGontierfan 35 4
Un Jour en France (Chat Noir x Reader)[Chapter 16]
I have to leave in about three hours but when I get back, I'll try to write up and post another chapter. For now, have this one xDD
When we got into our seats for Science class, everyone sat with their partners, talking and making last minute adjustment to their project. The teacher wasn't in yet but she had made a sign to put the projects on the table and then to go ahead and look at everyone else's while she was gone. Everyone was up, looking at everyone else's project and I walked to Marinette and Alya's project, asking.
"So, what did you guys do?"
Marinette smiled and said.
"Since we had a plant cell, we used plants to represent ours!"
I smiled wide.
"That's so cool!"
The cell wall was made with leaves, gently super glued to each other and the cell membrane was made with rose petals. The cytoplasm was made with grass and the mitochondria was made with little Cherry blossoms. the ribosomes were made with sunflower seeds and the vacuole was made with a bowl filled with water. The Nuc
:iconadamgontierfan:AdamGontierfan 39 11
Un Jour en France (Chat Noir x Reader)[Chapter 15]
So, i got bored. I didn't have anything to do so I'm just going to sit here and write. Write, write, write.
When I got back to the restaurant, I climbed into the window, transforming back. Jax floated down into my hands, panting and whining. I chuckled at him and grabbed his food, opening the lid to let him feast on the (food). He grinned widely and indulged himself in the food, making me giggle and I calmed down, saying.
"Come on, Jax, we gotta get out there."
He flew into my handbag and I unlocked the door, looking outside slowly and looking scared. I could see Marinette and her family looking over the table, hugging and Marinette's eyes looked to me, her eyes widening. My mother and father looked to me and they gasped, hugging me tightly and I smiled at them, acting nervous.
"Oh, darling!"
I hugged them tightly and whispered.
"Mom, Dad! You're ok!"
They nodded and held me tighter, whispering in French and my father asked me, his green eyes wide.
"Where were you? We looked f
:iconadamgontierfan:AdamGontierfan 41 23
Un Jour en France (Chat Noir x Reader)[Chapter 14]
So, no one's reviewed about the choice of Chapter 13 being rewritten or not so I think I'll keep it the way that it is. :P
When I called for Jax to transform, my suit came back, my tail swishing, fangs glistening like snow, and my gold eyes twinkling like liquid amber and my blue eye icy like a winters embrace. It was nice to be so free. Climbing out of the window, I ran to where I had heard the screams and I growled a bit, seeing the culprit. It was a girl who seemed to be young, with blue eyes as dead and cold as ice and skin looking as fair as snow. Her hair was curly and light brown, pulled back but some strands were loose around her shoulders. She was short, unusually thin, and seemed to have sharp, pointed nails. When she smiled, she had pointed teeth like needles. Her eyes looked like snake eyes, just blue and I jumped up on the opposite ledge of her, saying.
"You know, I usually don't mind when someone decides to try and fuck up the city. But you? You're downright disturbing."
:iconadamgontierfan:AdamGontierfan 43 15
Un Jour en France (Chat Noir x Reader)[Chapter 12]
Thank you everyone who reviewed! Your reviews were very much appreciated ^-^
While we were driving to my house, I was looking out the window, my finger to my lips as I bit my nail, clicking it. I was a bit nervous, though I didn't know why. Was it because of the dinner? I had no clue and to be honest, I didn't want to think about it. It was already giving me an headache. Meanwhile, Adrien had his phone out but I could see him sneaking glances at me. What was that about? I frowned slightly and Adrien asked me, looking up.
"Hey, (nickname)?"
I looked over at him, tilting my head a bit and asking.
"Why are you going out to dinner with Marinette and her family?"
I shrugged.
"I don't know. I was actually wondering that. I don't remember either of my parents telling me about it."
Adrien nodded and then asked a bit quieter.
"You can't skip it?"
"Aw, are you getting clingy with me?"
Adrien gave wide eyes and blushed a bit.
"No! No, I...I just-"
"-Adrien, I'm teasing you. Geesh."
I laug
:iconadamgontierfan:AdamGontierfan 38 9
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