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Smurf Squam

By PipersAngel
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I did this for my friend Squam's birthday :D She turned fifteen on the fifteenth (dunno when it is for all you other-time dwellers) which is today for me ^^

It is Squam as a Smurf, and we ignore her right leg because i had a rather heavy cushion thrown in my face at the time. The culprit also put my eraser in his mouth. *twitches*

Anyway ^^ She really liked this (or at least said she did :D) and i thought it was okay, so i thought i'd post it.

Hope you like it ^^


Lineart: Faber Castel Art Pens
Colouring: Photoshop CS2
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© 2008 - 2021 PipersAngel
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Niki174's avatar
Wow very cute ;D
Cebius's avatar
I never really liked Smurfs, but this art gives me an different perspectiv to them. Very nice work! Very cute art!
BB-K's avatar
Wow, impressive Smurfette. :)
Lyra-Elante's avatar
Cool,an anime-style Smurfette!
drakandar's avatar
You know currently we have an special thing here in the Netherlands? If you shop your goodies at the Albertheijn, you'll get free smurfs..

Or in smurfs; you smurf that we smurf a special smurf here in smurfland? If you smurf your smurfs at the Albertsmurf, you'll get free smurfs!

For more info see: [link]

Get them while they last!
PipersAngel's avatar
XDDD Hahaha! Now if only I had any money xD
drakandar's avatar
Yeah, that would certainly help :) I checked if they delivered overseas, but nop :S
PipersAngel's avatar
So I also need a plane ticket XD
drakandar's avatar
I somehow think the trouble of getting smurfs outwages the benefits of actually having smurfs :-) But if you disagree, I'd be happy to tell you where the closest by Albert Heijn is near Schiphol Airport.. *smile*

See? Now I'm babbling :P
PipersAngel's avatar

Wots wrong with babbling? :evileye:
drakandar's avatar
Nuttin' much wrong with that, I'd say.. :-)
Venaeli's avatar
A classic! It brings back memories to this old hag.

Best durn smurfy I've ever seen. Fantastic, sweetie!

I also see you have a new av. Cute! ^^
PipersAngel's avatar
Heh! What old hag? :P
Thank you very muchly! :heart: Smurfs are awesome :D
Oh, yeah, i made it just the other day. Thanks :D
wolfeprocter's avatar
O.O An anime smurf! What's next?! It's a nice picture by the way. :)
PipersAngel's avatar
*Gasp* What will they think of next? :O
Thanks :)
stripedpanda's avatar
Omg! I love smurfs! Awesome job! She's adorable!
PipersAngel's avatar
Thanks heaps! Smurfs are awesome :D
aFteRLifeR's avatar
PipersAngel's avatar
8D Smurfs are hilarious.
Kotobi's avatar
omg! i so loved smurfes when i was a child!!! x3
PipersAngel's avatar
smurfs are awesome!
wow, you have a really impressive gallery :O
HayOnWyeTreeHugger's avatar
Awww... i love the way you do eyes :D
PipersAngel's avatar
Oooh, thanks :) I was trying something new with this one, i'm glad it looks good :D
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