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Phantom Child Screenshot by PipeDreamNo20 Phantom Child Screenshot by PipeDreamNo20
EDIT: Finished the picture and uploaded finished product.


SPOILERS! Hahahahahahahaha *insane laugh*

Rambling ahead:

Relating to my latest journal post, I am CRAZY FRUSTRATED about my missing tablet stylus. This is the work I was halfway through doing, only to sit down one day to continue with tablet, usb cord but NO STYLUS to be found.

As it stands now, my mental list of missing items which all vanished ever since I was desperately house-hopping for months between the old family home after my parents broke up and my boyfriend's house trying to get my own space (which didn't happen until I moved out of both and into my own unit) can still be counted on one hand. However, some of those I can't actually replace or buy again, which drives me mad. I have a suspicion (and HOPE) that most of these items have been stashed away at the bf's. I keep finding stuff which belongs to me on occasion there, so one can only hope they're safe even though I can't find them.

All the same, I'm feeling somewhat serene, which is odd considering the circumstances. One of the missing items which has been bugging me is my Heart Gold PokéWalker. I knew I had had it at my sister's house in my bedroom on the bedside table yet it wasn't transferred to my unit during the move. I simply couldn't find it. My sister and her bf who was moving in to my old bedroom in her house said they hadn't seen it. The move happened months and months ago. ONLY TODAY did my sister finally confess when I actually said to her, "You didn't step on it or something? You seriously didn't see it at all." and she said, "Ok, I'll come clean. Tyson [her dog] destroyed it."

And do you know what? I had been so SO OCD-frustrated about not knowing, that the knowing completely trumped any anger whatsoever (I seriously felt none at all) and I started to feel wonderfully happy and calm instead. So weird. NOW I KNOW. I know it's not going to turn up and I know that I can find one on the internet and buy it to replace it. NOW I KNOW.

ANYWAY, have a spoiler WIP of Mew finding out her clone's been Shadow-fied. Read from the beginning HERE. What will happen next? Well I know, and I can't wait to put it down on digital paper. I've had the conclusion to the story in my head waiting to see the light of day for a LONG TIME. This is a rare thing for me, and has actually enabled me to add in some foreshadowing and other things like that.
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August 28, 2012
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