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'Crappy Snaps' Entry by PipeDreamNo20 'Crappy Snaps' Entry by PipeDreamNo20
Ok, so I really did not know which category this was meant to go into...


This is my entry into the 'Crappy Snaps' competition held by the Pokémon Rebirth Club on dA.

My original idea for the comp was inspired by the ep about the four Eevee Brothers where Psyduck sets the camera to automatically take a group picture but trips before it can run over and join the group. My version was going to be Jessie, James and Errol standing (Errol with worry on his face and half leaning out of the hug, as if going to ask if Copi is ok), and Copi lying down in the photo. But it looked a little too hard and I gave up... ^^

I ended up changing the idea to this! Inspired by my own evilness upon finding my sister fast asleep in her bed, large plush rabbit encircled in her arms and just having to take a picture. I won't actually upload that photo - I value my life too much.

Copi takes a candid-camera-style pic of Errol with his Polaroid camera but unwittingly gets a finger over a little bit of the lens... hence the large purple smudge...

Don't have any idea why Errol is hugging a Copi plush. It would perhaps have been more suitable to draw a plush of a Pokémon that wasn't one of Team Rocket's genetic experiments... ah well. Maybe it was handmade... :3 (Besides, *caat went to all the trouble to get me the latest Copi picture for reference, so I had to use it somewhere.)

Don't you just love the Meowth-style doona cover/pillowcase?
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caat Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2008   Filmographer
Hehee! I love it! You caught the amateurness of the photograph really well and Errol asleep with a Copi plush was both funny and cute XD Brilliant.

Errol - At least I don't sleep wit' a polka dot nightcap on like SOME people... |-(

Alternate options for plush could have been Skitty or Togepi :giggle:
PipeDreamNo20 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2008  Hobbyist Writer

(:O Who sleeps with a polka dot nightcap? :D lol)
caat Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2008   Filmographer
Oh, a certain ex-boss of theirs... [link] XD
PipeDreamNo20 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
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August 12, 2008
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