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Image by PipeDreamNo20 Image :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 0 1 WIP Sparrow by PipeDreamNo20 WIP Sparrow :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 0 0 Mitsubishi Evo X Transformer Final by PipeDreamNo20 Mitsubishi Evo X Transformer Final :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 0 0 Mitsubishi Evo X Transformer by PipeDreamNo20 Mitsubishi Evo X Transformer :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 1 0 Phantom Child - Mew Prays by PipeDreamNo20 Phantom Child - Mew Prays :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 0 4 Phantom Child Screenshot by PipeDreamNo20 Phantom Child Screenshot :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 2 0 Dream Animal by PipeDreamNo20 Dream Animal :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 0 0 Dark-Metal-Light Starters by PipeDreamNo20 Dark-Metal-Light Starters :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 2 0 Increasing Organ by PipeDreamNo20 Increasing Organ :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 0 0 Weaver from Negative One by PipeDreamNo20 Weaver from Negative One :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 0 4 Moon Gazing by PipeDreamNo20 Moon Gazing :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 2 0 Eragon's Diary 4 by PipeDreamNo20 Eragon's Diary 4 :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 0 0 Eragon's Diary 3 by PipeDreamNo20 Eragon's Diary 3 :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 1 0 Eragon's Diary 2 by PipeDreamNo20 Eragon's Diary 2 :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 2 0 Eragon's Diary 1 by PipeDreamNo20 Eragon's Diary 1 :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 3 2 Werret Run Cycle by PipeDreamNo20 Werret Run Cycle :iconpipedreamno20:PipeDreamNo20 1 0
My Gallery of everything from digital art to prose.

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The world so small
Once upon a shadowy night
when darkness awakes the soul
emotionally you open your rage
you crawl out into the world so small
You are just about normal despite
what happened in the life before
they kept you blindfold in a cage
used you when duty called
In this world without light
we all feel so sore
and when we get on stage
we do what we are told
You don't believe in 'rite'
after your heart they tore
emotionally you open your rage
you crawl out into the world so small
:iconfairycatcher-jessica:fairycatcher-Jessica 5 14
Misc - Braver than I
You’re braver than I
You, who step into the world once in a while
You, who face hardships with a smile
You’re braver than I
You’re braver than I
You, standing up to hatred valiantly
Touching upon things most eyes can’t see
You’re braver than I
What can I do from here, now?
Looking at them in fear, now
Longing to speak of a name
That fills my heart with so much joy
Still you’re braver than I
I, fighting inner torment valiantly
Struggling with things most eyes can’t see
You’re braver than I
:iconcaat:caat 3 2
Bubbles of Love by Inspectornills Bubbles of Love :iconinspectornills:Inspectornills 41 67 TDP - Legendary Jazz Band by caat TDP - Legendary Jazz Band :iconcaat:caat 25 24 Rook the Black Fox Cat by Cattensu Rook the Black Fox Cat :iconcattensu:Cattensu 3 1 Ll2D by Arkani Ll2D :iconarkani:Arkani 0 3
I'll Miss You
~I’ll Miss You~
The truth is I kind of miss you
Not the I love you kind of way
Just the I miss my friend way
If I could I’d go back in time
Then I could make it so
I never like liked you.
Not because I regret you
But because maybe, just maybe
I could have saved a friendship
Yet I suppose it’s too late for that
I never wanted to happen like this
You think I don’t care at all
But I guess it just proves
That you don’t know me at all.
I once thought that you did
I thought you were the one
I guess I thought wrong…
Because all you seem to do
Is make me angry or annoyed.
It seems one of us has changed
I’m not saying it was you
But I’m not saying it was me either
I think we both changed.
It wasn’t anything that you did
Yet it wasn’t anything I did
It just wasn’t meant to be.
I suppose this is good-bye
So I guess I’ll just say it…
Good-bye, boy…
I’ll miss you…
:iconcrazy-yaoi-freak:crazy-yaoi-freak 1 0
Dragonair by Reiquin Dragonair :iconreiquin:Reiquin 99 54
try to think of something emo.
This time it's my fault.
    I'll try to think of something emo to say....
"I'm sad. I'm sorry."
             Does it make you feel better?
       Somewhere, someone is writing a song about this.
     Writing about how you and I will never work.
"I'm sad. I'm sorry."
Sometimes I just can't help but think:
     what's wrong with me?
  "I just don't know if I want this anymore...
Wait, no
            I didn't mean that."
That's all wrong.
   Call cut, I want this done differently.
How come I always have to be the one with problems.
          Let someone else have them. Give me a break.
  But this time it's my fault.
             Just like every other time, right?
Just another excuse to yell at each other.
"I'm sad. I'm sorry."
               Does it make you feel better knowing you can do no wrong?
    This is[you're] all I've ever wanted.
  So, maybe this was just a waste of ink.
How can I make you understand when I don't understand myself?
:iconxparis-in-flames:xparis-in-flames 3 6
My Emo Poem
What would you do? If I told you my every thought? Things I think. What I want to say. What I want to do.
What would you do? If you sent me to an insane asylum? And they put me in a padded room, with a straight jacket; that isn't allowed anymore, but they made an exception for me.
What would you do? If you thought I was safe in that cell? Cozy. Happy. Unable to think. Unable to harm myself.
What would you do? When I bit through my tongue and drawned in my own blood?
What would you do?
:iconshikamylove:shikamylove 12 6
Emo Poem
let me die
let me lie
here on the floor on my face
leave me to my own disgrace
i'm not worthy of any love
i don't know if its worth the push and shove
it hurts too much too carry on
I can no longer see my soothing song
I can't see or hear or care
just love me, to you i dare,
I will end up hurt and you will not see
because no one in this world should ever love me.
:iconpreciousyunalesca:PreciousYunalesca 7 2
What is Emo
As I go through stages of depression, like normal people do,
I wonder
I ponder
What really is emo?
Emo should mean emotional, which is a normal part of human life
However, a stigma becomes attached, like the flies to the light
"Stop crying, you emo freak!"
It seems "emo" now means "seeking attention through 'crying wolf'"
But what if the wolf's wounds are real?
But then, you wouldn't know, because you can't see into another person's mind
There are those that cry out for attention, they cry, they bleed, they collapse on their knees
All in hopes of hearing someone say some words of assurance.
Now, whether their cries be as real as water, or as fake as a paper flower, they go unanswered
The stigma wins over the perception of the masses
But what about the wolves that don't cry? What about the wolves that long to scream out for help, but they stay silent?
They never say a word, stabbing themselves slowly with the pain of being alone
They may smile, but they smile while their hearts are shre
:iconchaokaze:Chaokaze 4 1
Dark_Angel by SlayersGrudge Dark_Angel :iconslayersgrudge:SlayersGrudge 1 3
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Philippa Gissing
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Call me Pip. I'm 27, an Aquarian Fire Rabbit, and female.

I've been drawing and writing for years now; still mostly as a hobby/stress-relief thing. I started out digital drawing on PaintBBS (when I first discovered oekaki) but now mainly rely on offline programs such as Pixelmator. I also write prose and poetry when the mood strikes.
My tablet stylus has completely vanished off the face of the earth.

I sat down the other day to work on Phantom Child and found every single thing I needed (tablet, USB cord, etc) except for the stylus. There is nothing more frustrating than having the time and motivation to work on digital art only to find yourself unable through other means.

Unless it's hiding at the boyfriend's place, it's gone forever. I've been racking my brains so hard about the last time I used it or moved it. I may have packed it in my laptop bag and taken it down to my bf's last time we played Diablo III. Perhaps it fell out. But I have already done a search there, and as of now have gone through my own entire place (which isn't too large anyway) with a fine toothed comb to no avail.

ARGH. Guess I should just bite the bullet and work on other creative stuff which doesn't need a tablet.
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