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Pulling the plug on SFM (sorry fans)

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 1, 2018, 6:21 PM
Hmm, where do I start?

I'm currently still helping out with one more SFM-related project, but the models I'm making for it will likely not be released on the workshop. Once I finish with that, I feel it's a good place to put the final dot there.


2017 has been a bad year for me. A portion of that comes from my 'relationship' with Source Filmmaker. I'm tired of being patronized and taken advantage of. 3D models are too easy to manipulate and abuse. Mainly because there was never a true way to "watermark" or protect 3D Artwork. Unless you count not uploading that work at all as 'protection'.

Which it is, technically.

Ever since my first full upload, I've watched people, greedy and eager, ripping my content and redistributing them. Sometimes edited. Sometimes with their own terms. Sometimes without even crediting me. And 90% of the time, without asking my permission first. Each and every time, it was entirely disrespectful, and for that I'll thank everyone who has taken their time to contact me first before they did anything. Truly, it meant you cared, and I appreciate that so, so much.

There has been a time where I stood up against a company taking advantage of my work, making money from it, when they never even as much as contacted me. Their CEO is a selfish and respectless hack, and I would not be afraid to spit in his face and kick him with my heel on his toes if I ever see him in person.

I tried to put in measures to prevent it in the future. And what did that do? It made people mad, because suddenly they're reminded that my work had rules. Others got mad because they didn't feel like listening from the start and were confused at what they saw as a result.

It has come to the point that I'm not enjoying sharing my work anymore in this way. And honestly, it stumps me that all of this that I'm trying to fight is somehow normal to the community.

So, that's my reasoning.

So what does this mean, exactly?

It means whatever I model for myself, I keep to myself. Actually, I'll still likely use Sketchfab for showcase, as that community, I've found, is a truly respectful one, and the site has a strong security that's updated constantly against rippers, not to mention the files are compressed to lossy formats. Kinda like JPEGs, but worse. So you can't really do all that much with them if you do try.

I may accept private commissions in the future if I ever get in a pinch. I'm only considering it though.

What will the fate be of the work that's already online?

They will remain as they are. That includes everything. Even the terms.

Until the 3D community tosses away the "you upload this, you disown it" mindset, or some surefire way arrives where I can truly share and protect my work against thieves, I'm not uploading to SFM, Gmod, or any other popular "3D workshop" IPs again.

(except sketchfab)

I know there are people who will be sad or upset with me over this. There will also be people who don't understand or question my logic. And I'm sorry about that. I do not intend on quitting 3D modeling altogether, I just won't be sharing them in the same way as I once did. Despite so much of the bad stuff happening this past year, working with SFM has taught me many things I wouldn't have bothered to learn otherwise. And I'll be sure to make good use of that.

Besides, there's still Revenge of the Dark. ;) I've also been wanting to pick up drawing again. I miss its simplicity, in comparison to 3D.

Despite this whole angsty journal stuff I hope that we can make the best out of 2018, and I'm wishing you all a very happy new year, as well as good fortune to come your way!


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