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Ehm.. It's me again.. loving my camera very much^^
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adsenubii's avatar
i wonder, if i can have your permission to use your photo for my future writing on :)
Alyy21's avatar
u are very beautifulllll.ı like u
estachos's avatar
You're so, sooo beautiful...
Sunflurgoddess's avatar
You're really pretty :]
Pipa-chan's avatar
^^thank you very much!
Pvt-Snowball's avatar
2nd and 3rd hairstyle :) Well,you look great in every one of them,but those I like the most. And I loooove this look in the 3rd picture.You have such beautiful eyes (and smile :) ).
Pipa-chan's avatar
thank youuuu!!:hug:
happytoilette's avatar
i like the 2nd and the 3rd most. in the 3rd you look like some actress. romance-comedy style actress. not some horror movie. and reason why i like 2nd one is.. well i just like it when some hair blocks an eye or forehead (no, not half of forehead or, all the eye. just some. little some) and also one thing : you know how to smile
Pipa-chan's avatar
Thank you!! You're so kind:D:hug:
rupeshtalaskar's avatar
beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ExSoldat's avatar
Looking good yourself ;D
Rabadet's avatar
this B/W composition makes something hidden arise, the light (shadow) of your eyes and your smile come up unlike others photos of you. LOVE IT
Pipa-chan's avatar
=] Thank you very much:D
Rabadet's avatar
you're welcome :D
7-WC's avatar
Gurtis's avatar
U'r beautifull 0_o.

nice work!
doomy81's avatar
and the camera loves you... like it a lot
Pipa-chan's avatar
Ahw, that's sweet:hug:
doomy81's avatar
you're welcome! :)
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na-oriencie's avatar
good :] you look best on third foto:P
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