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                            Debutante                        Writhing in agony                 Growing up with tribulation                    Why does it have to be?                    This way of misfortune                      Seems so unmerited.                Deep yearning for difference                  In what can't be changed                      Frustration and fury                    In what and who I am.                  Though reality strikes me                      And I blame myself                     That it is not my fault                  It is the time of the world                Where women are e
Revolutionary War
                        August 23, 1764             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~            Breathing hard, feet pounding, arms swaying, heart racing, my fingers brush across the tall grass as I am running through the field, with my dog Buddy, down to the watering hole. We draw nearer and I can see the beautiful water reflecting the sun, shining the light of the water fairies into my eyes. Water fairies are those diamond shaped gleams of light that cannot be touched but you know when they are there. As I reach the rocks, I stop for a moment and look out amongst the beautiful fully leaved trees, the beautiful shining water looks so deliciously ref
Society's Effects on Women
Stereotyping of Women in Advertisement (Effects on Society)        Stereotyping is a conventional, formulaic, and oversimplified conception, opinion or image. To be accepted, an advertisement must follow the norm, culture, or principles held by society. In result, they include the image that they believe is the norm and the stereotypes that go along with it in society. Advertisers argue that they are mirroring social realities, but in fact they are exaggerating them to a large extent. This has large effects on the viewers of these ads, and even the ones who are in them. The media itself is the source of the stereotypes, which are made by th
December 28, 2002
Coldness is cold for so long, it is no longer cold. Rather, cold for so long, I no longer feel cold yet I do not feel warm. Cold has just taken me in, cold is what I am. I am cold. Cold hands constant and skin so clear and so unmarked opposite of how my heart must appear, if one could see my heart. A heart so scraped, for the hurt must come out, so the love for my heart hates the skin so unmarked. Feeling of disease creeps throughout my emotions. Mind so confused feeling immobile and unchosen. Sheer terror for the future and hands are bound just as my heart is. Bound to eternity of pain. Pain lingers about and maybe all from my mind, people
Tooth cleaning
Fallen Angel
Fairie Nightmare
Sufferings of Christ I
half life
Dragon God Collection 6
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Llama: Llamas are awesome! (3)
heyy kids how is everyone doing?? p.s. i have discovered this computer can NOT handle this website! it keeps crashing and i have to restart ! auuugh
i hate making titles for journal entries
ah.. procrastination -- where would i be without it? ...probably writing english essays.... but i didn't think of that before i asked i just meant it as a rhetorical question. :lick: i've only gone to school one day this week, because i'm sick, but i'm feeling a little better so i'll probably go tomorrow. fun wooh! :party: i know you all care. :sarcasm: spring break is only one week away ahhhhhh!!!! i cant wait!! :giggle: what are you guys doing?? :sun:
so anyway...
some of you might think im dead...:faint: some of you might not even notice that i've been away...:slow: well i'm just here to tell you all (all = people who CARE) that i'm NOT dead, just busy. :work: whenever i get more free time ill be sure to make some more shtuff. maybe i'll even do that now...........:plotting: lol @ :zombie:


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:heart: ty for your comment on - S t i l l -
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Thanks for the watch! :hug:
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hi Kate how are you :heart:
you added me to your DevWatch on this date
November 17, 2003 :rose:
and i wanted to stop by and say hello and thanks for your support to me and my Art :blowkiss:
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Awesome gallery!
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Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! :giggle:
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