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24 Hour Comic 2009

On October 3, 2009, I participated in the 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge, which was hosted here in Spokane at Merlyns.

I made it to 17 pages, which I'm quite happy with, considering I went in with no clue what I was going to do (which is the general idea) and was making it up as I went. Hopefully next year I'll do the full 24.

The version posted here has been edited slightly - I re-lettered it on the computer because I was sick of looking at my abysmal handwriting and tweaked the levels in Photoshop since I plan on printing this up as a mini-comic. But the original version is available in my Scraps (warts and all), if you'd like to see it: [link]

Edit - And, if you'd like to see where The Atomic Clock ends up, or just want see another awesome 24 Hour comic, check this out: [link]

Edit 2 - Added a couple of SFX back in.
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Wow man, awesome work. A great comic, unbelievable that you did it in 24 hours! Top work, and that nazi clock man and his clock insignia was a great idea. Really nice work bud.
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Thanks, man! It was a lot of fun - it's amazing how much you can actually produce when you put your mind to it (and are surrounded by other artists and copious amounts of caffeine). Next year, I *will* make it to 24! :)
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No offense to any of the other artist there, BUT you have the nicest looking one. Way to not phone it in.
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Thanks, man! I don't know if you're right, but I'll take the compliments regardless. :D

Thanks for the Fav as well!
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Great work on this! 24 hour comic day has got to be pretty draining, although it sounds pretty fun too. The Atomic Clock is pretty damn awesome btw. Good stuff. :)
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Thanks, Gene! I appreciate the comments. :)

Yeah, I don't know if I'd be able to do alone, but when you're surrounded by artists all trying to out-do each other it's a lot easier to keep going through the night. Definitely recommend trying it sometime - it was really fun!
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hahaha. Matt strikes again.
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Thanks, Nate!
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Very cool, can't wait for a print copy! If it weren't for school, I'd have mine scanned and ready for print by now. I only have the cover and two pages on my facebook right now, when I'm done Ill post it like this on dA.
piotrov's avatar
Thanks, man! Can't wait to see your finished/lettered version too. :)
Transypoo's avatar
Very cool. I've always wanted to do something like that myself. the Villain seems very Hellboy to me.
piotrov's avatar
Thanks, man! You should definitely give it a shot if you can - the experience is well worth it, especially if you can do it with a bunch of other artists.

Yeah, I'm definately influenced by all things Mignola. And how can you go wrong with a Nazi death robot? :)
Transypoo's avatar
You really can't!
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Okay, and because I must (and it seems to be a running gag...)

Page 2, panel four should read "And its sole occupant..." No apostrophe.

Also, no "Moooo?" at the end? Srsly? No wai!
piotrov's avatar
Yeah, I meant to re-do all the SFX when I re-lettered it and totally forgot. Didn't realize until after I posted it. But I'll add them back in before I print it. The "Mooo?" will return. :)

And I thought since "it's" was a possessive pro-noun in this case, it required an apostrophe... :?
MattWNelson's avatar
No, "its" as a possessive does not require the apostrophe. That only occurs in the contraction of "it is". Think of it like "his", "hers", "ours", etc.

Man, I shoulda been a grammar teacher. LOL!
piotrov's avatar
OK, that makes sense. Thanks! I'll be sure to fix it when I put the "Moo" back in. ;)
JesseAcosta's avatar
now explain a past-participle!
MattWNelson's avatar
The past participle generally refers to a verb's past tense, i.e., "destroyed." It can be used for both active and passive voices. It differs from the past tense only in irregular verbs ("do" becomes "did", for example, the past participle of which is "done".)
JesseAcosta's avatar
Okay... now the dative case!
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