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  • Listening to: nin — ghosts
  • Reading: "The Master and Margarita" //audiobook :
  • Watching: pictures
  • Playing: hide & seek :p
  • Eating: food (?)
  • Drinking: cold fruit tea
* I've found some older (and worth uploading) photos on my hdd so I'll upload  them soon.
* Also I'm trying to categorize my "Deviations" but I'm not sure exactly how. But I think generally by its types will be OK for now.
* I've discovered that I lost my Lightroom's presents... :/ oh, crap.
* oh, few days left to exams :|
  • Listening to: The Beatles
  • Watching: Dexter
  • Drinking: dill
SQUARE (…) is still alive. I just released issue09 named 'shadow'.
  • Listening to: industrial
  • Reading: philosophical texts
  • Watching: M*A*S*H
  • Drinking: whisky
Sometimes I abandons some of my designs before I will finish them. But great if I will finish them in future (it sometimes happens :) ). Now I have finished one of them. I mean - almost finished - now it's rendering, so I'll show it here as soon as it finish :P
  • Listening to: Nine Inch Nails
  • Drinking: mint
Ok - my first journal note.
SQUARE is my photographic project. Each issue contain twelve square photos with one subject. Each issue is a slideshow PDF file (about 5MB), so you will need software able to open PDF files (for MS Windows I am recommending Adobe Reader). New issues will be added in future.