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Kamen Rider Deimos

Final design for Kamen Rider Deimos in his "Chariot Form".

"For the victory I had hoped for."

This form utilizes the power of the Seventh Major Arcana Holocard: The Chariot. It imbues Deimos with great physical strength and even greater speed and mobility. He has long since used this as his default form. The Chariot Holocard is also used to summon his motorcycle, and to activate the Chariot-Rush Mode. With the Chariot-Rush Mode activated, Deimos is granted seven seconds of time-distorting speed which he usually saves for when he is ready to finish off an opponent with his Chariot-Rush Kicks. Once the seven seconds are up, Deimos will revert to his "Zero Form", a weak and true default form of his suit until his Riderbelt reboots usually after 5-10 minutes. He may also opt to sacrifice 9 of his Holocards to release the limiter of his Riderbelt overriding the reboot system and being able to use a Form Changing Holocard of his choice right away, however, he will not have access to the sacrificed Holocards greatly depleting his arsenal.
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This is amazing! The best original concept  Kamen Rider ever made! Better than the official ones! 😆
71182652020's avatar
Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.. I see that right leg is similar to is just soooooo amazing!
StealthPanda77's avatar
Do you think I'd be able to use this in a fanfiction? I'd give you full credit of course
PioPauloSantana's avatar
Sure thing go ahead!
CmdrGamera40's avatar
Looks a lot like daft punk.
ferrenred4's avatar
can i request a rider?
Teknam's avatar
Looks liek a combination of Decade and Momotaros... Decade-esque armor and Momotaros' red color and demon horns... XD Interesting, though. If this were a series, I'd watch the hell out of it!
Kamen-Riders's avatar
horaciosi's avatar
Most fan made Kamen Riders are usually shitty re-colors of official Riders, but this one is the epitome of original. Nice!
Travtron7000's avatar
Epic design!! ^^
Beowulf-BX's avatar
Oh this is SO kick ass
PioPauloSantana's avatar
Thanks so much! I really wanna do more Kamen Rider Deimos stuff, hopefully sometime soon.
Beowulf-BX's avatar
Cant wiat to see more. You know looking at this I've like already come up with like two songs for a theme lol


second one is my fav do to this whole fight [link]
PioPauloSantana's avatar
PeaceGuy's avatar
Man, this is totally awesome!!! :XD: i still don't get the full concept of ur rider...but it seems had it's own depth and complexity...Love the design bro! So...the Phobos still a rough sketch?
PioPauloSantana's avatar
Thanks man! I may release a concept sheet somewhere down the line fully explaining in full detail the bells and whistles of my idea. And yes, Phobos is still pretty rough at the moment and I've not decided on his final look at the moment.
PeaceGuy's avatar
keep up the good work man! U'll might launch ur own rider for real:XD: i'm waiting the progress of ur concept and story! ahahaha

oh yeah...feel free to give any comment on my gallery too...there're alots and lots of Kamen Rider design too in there :D
PioPauloSantana's avatar
Thanks man! I'll go check it out!
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