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Kamen Rider Deimos

Final design for Kamen Rider Deimos in his "Chariot Form".

"For the victory I had hoped for."

This form utilizes the power of the Seventh Major Arcana Holocard: The Chariot. It imbues Deimos with great physical strength and even greater speed and mobility. He has long since used this as his default form. The Chariot Holocard is also used to summon his motorcycle, and to activate the Chariot-Rush Mode. With the Chariot-Rush Mode activated, Deimos is granted seven seconds of time-distorting speed which he usually saves for when he is ready to finish off an opponent with his Chariot-Rush Kicks. Once the seven seconds are up, Deimos will revert to his "Zero Form", a weak and true default form of his suit until his Riderbelt reboots usually after 5-10 minutes. He may also opt to sacrifice 9 of his Holocards to release the limiter of his Riderbelt overriding the reboot system and being able to use a Form Changing Holocard of his choice right away, however, he will not have access to the sacrificed Holocards greatly depleting his arsenal.
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This is amazing! The best original concept  Kamen Rider ever made! Better than the official ones! 😆