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Ivy- Deliverance

I was really digging Ivy's new default outfit from Soulcalibur V so I decided to draw her. I didn't mind her showing a lot of skin in the older games, but one can only appreciate how much more imposing she looks when she's got more clothes on...but you know, she still thinks pants are overrated. (and so do I) C'mon Namco, reveal Cervantes already so I can breathe again!

Soulcalibur © Namco-Bandai
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Could you passably do the rest of body?
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very good dress and draw
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Nice Ivy looks so badass 
There are quite a lot of pictures Ivy, but this one - my favorite.
Its hard to draw. Hard to convey the character. You did very well. Pride, a sense of dostointstva, severity - these features it is given very rarely.
So I want to say thank you for your work.
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Thank you very much!
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Amazing detail! Great work!
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This is a great Ivy! You did so well with the details, especially with her armor arm. The shading looks great, and everything seems to be just plain awesome! Good job! :clap:
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This is amazing, you did icredabley. Ivy is my favorite character on soul calibur, I have some of my own pics of her, but idon't know if there that good. Again this is awsome.
:la: :happybounce: :squee:
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You are very welcome! :)
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I finally found this on DA :D I keep seeing it on google searches. This is amazing, I love the perspective and lighting, and holy crap, the details on the armor.
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Thank you so much!
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Fricking love this picture!!
Absolutely superb......I'm speechless
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So beautiful so gorgeous, so curvy so voluptuous, and so good that I must favorite this! (Lol once I got to the voluptuous part I just had to keep the rhyme going! xD) Good work my friend!
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Haha nice! Thank you!
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Your welcome! You deserve it. :)
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This is absolutely wonderful!!! Great work!!!!! :D
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