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Hungry Hungry Hannya

Bishamon from Capcom's Darkstalkers series. He's easily my favorite character in the game. I'd be pretty damn scared (/dead) if I randomly encountered a berserking Bishamon with a slobbering Hannya ready for a feeding session.

Darkstalkers © CAPCOM
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dayum dude your fighting character gallery is on fire

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This is epic Thumbs Up 
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OMG this looks amazing!
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im aware of darkstalkers, but I've never seen this character. this is tight work. super badass
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Awesome, added to favorite!
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Awesome work!

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Incredible. A shame you have to have Morrigan's boobies in a drawing in order to get a lot of faves. :p This art certainly deserves more!
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Quiet Good!I like it!
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If only they'd release a new darkstalkers, The characters look really interesting but haven't been able to play one yet..
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I'm sure they will one day.
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Oh wow man...
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Absolutely awesome, man!
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Thank you very much!
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wow this shogun just like the gunman in gurren lagann because it has a face on his body
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