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Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Aang character belongs to Nickelodeon.
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Really nicely done.
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Awesome job. Really love the design of the clothes, and the details on Aang.
Wow! This actually feels more ANCIENT than the original portayal of Aang. And even more incredibly ancient than Wan himself who is supposed to add the high sense of ancient spirituality.

Somehow I will print this artwork and make it a wall painting. Magnificent work of art!!!
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Took a level in badass indeed.
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Do you mind if I use this in a little video I'm making? I'll make sure to credit you. :) I just love this so much, and it goes brilliantly with my video. :D
PioPauloSantana's avatar
Not at all. Thanks a lot!
MoE545's avatar
Thank you!! :D
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Wow this looks so nice! Love the dramatic effect that the glowing of his tattoo gives next to the dark shadows. It looks epic ;)
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Thank you very much!
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Amazing work!
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I just had to aahhhh at this genius
PioPauloSantana's avatar
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my paint brush just dropped....
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Thanks! I hope your brush is alright!
Retelloratraybell's avatar
Your welcome! It is just a bit bristled :) XD
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This is awesome! Go Aang!! :D

It sorta reminds me of the armor that Aang puts on in the episode where Sokka meets Piandao (Sokka's Master is the episode.) Think you could do an older Aang in that armor? That would be hilarious.
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