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Metal Slug Tall Tank

That Crazy Tall Tank from Metal Slug!
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Its called the Nop-03 Sarubia, anyway, its so good :)
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ah, this has got to be my favorite enemy vehicle! its called the nop-03 sarubia
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Omg so awesome I am a metal slug fan!!!!!!!!
Pinwizkid's avatar
Gotta love that tall tank!
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Hate that enemy!!!!

Always Shooting and it rolls in marble....really hate it..!
lol this one is featured in metal slug advance, ridiculously easy to beat.
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How much money does the rebels have to spend for these vehicules
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These tanks pissed me off so much! Stupid rolling balls of death! Great design though :dummy:
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i love these tanks, even though the middle part is bound to be the most vulnerable, right at gun-height of the player.
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i still like this a lot, you're very good at the detail!
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I love this tank, it´s my favorite ^^
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looks just like the actual thing, i really like this one!
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Interesting vehicle design. Have you considered building it? It might make for an good radio control project.
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A very stunning piece of traditional artwork that has demonstrated the high skill you hold in both your pencil line art and shading, but also the fine and highly outstanding talent you have in representing a classic enemy from the Metal Slug series. The single stroke shading that you've applied here is crisp and wonderfully done to present that realistic look to the tank, this especially goes for the cross-hatching around the under area of the gun barrel.

Phenomenal presentation of work, keep it up.
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Lol! I had already looked at this... I was one of the 3 that faved this. ^_^'
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