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Metal Slug Rebel Army Tank 1

One of the many rebel army tanks from Metal Slug!
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the early girada-0 looks like the di coka
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is based in the Second World War vehicles and the simbol of the variant of the Nazi german 
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its the early design of the girida-o tank
good art by the way
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It looks like an M4 Sherman!
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yes modern sherman :)
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They use a mix of WW2 allied and axis( which make up the most ) style weapons while fight with the good army, but the thing that really amazed me is the creativity of the Metal Slug development team to mix up WW2, modern and future battle styles and the machine, weapons and characters. Although rebels are exact copy of Nazi Army but, it still just nice.
M47KingTigerAusfB's avatar
You gave the Di-Cokka a more WWII-like appearance; the tank itself is (if you don't know) based on the Sherman tank. It has the Rhino hedgerow-breaching 'tusks', as well as a .50 cal gun. Also in the turret are the 3 smoke canister launchers present on the Tiger tank.
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the rebels in metals slugs are using WW2 style weaponry but the Nazi have the most influence on the creator to design the rebels
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nice and cool looking sketch
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