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I Need Scissors. 61.

Snowed in by Nemo the Blizzard, I decided to run with an idea I had for a quirky design based on the strangest line in the entire Metal Gear Solid series (and THAT'S saying something).
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Oh man I'd love a poster of this.
I love this...  SO much...!  <3
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Thanks! Paul Eiding, the voice of colonel also really likes it:
Whoa...    Serious Kudos to you, that's amazing...!  D:    It would be badass if you can do one based on the unforgettable "Idea Spy 2.5" part as well, seriously... XD  (Yes, I realize it is a mini-project started by a fellow Konami associate and whatnot but still, it would be great if you did a little tribute to that as well, really :nod: )  
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Right now I'm kicking around ideas for a poster based on "What is a man?" from Castlevania: Symphony of the the Night. Hopefully something comes of it! 
I remember that part all too well, I hope I can see the "Idea Spy 2.5 (Two-Point-Five)" idea put into use as well since i'd SO love to see that as well, really. ^-^
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It would be cool with "The Fission is a Mailure"
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Hehe, it would indeed :)
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This would be pretty cool as a T-Shirt! nice job mate
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Thank you sir :) I'll probably submit it somewhere eventually!
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