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Dr. Robotnik

Drawing of Dr. Robotnik from Sonic.
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Sorry about the little rant I made up there. I don't normally rant to specific people about that stuff, but it's still a little peeve of mine lol

Excellent job on your drawing. Or should I say... Eggcelent? lol Most cliched joke ever, I'm sorry. :XD:
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Awesome. Robotnik from old school sonic was my favorite. Very good.
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This is really awesome! I don't care if u call him dr robotnik...I call him that...and plus it's his real name.
correct! In the old comics and cartoons he hated being called eggman.....wounder why they changed that?
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I heard it was a slam against the soviet union way back when the cold war was still happening. (sputnik, robotnik)
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Um, they're the same.
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no. they're actually not the same. Robotnik is Eggman's grandfather. they're VERY similar, but they ARE different.

also, this is Eggman from i believe Sonic Adventure 2.

either way, this is VERY well drawn :) i like it
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History lesson for newbie fans of Sonic the Hedgehog.

In the early '90s, Sega was trying to find a new mascot to go up against Nintendo's Mario. One of the characters being decided upon was a character whose design was based off of Teddy Roosevelt, and was dressed in pajamas and a nightcap. They eventually used this character as the villain of the series.

Most likely taking the name Eggman from the Beatles song "I Am the Walrus" (which would explain Eggman's classic design as he slightly resembles a walrus), Sega realized that the name would not be taken seriously by Western audiences.

Enter Dean Sitton, the guy who came up with a new name for this villain. The name used was Ivo Robotnik, which was a much better name than most of the other names he came up with (Mr. Bad Wrench? And some people think EGGMAN is a horrible name). Robotnik is the Polish word for laborer and is where the term "robot" comes from. Ivo happens to be Ovi spelled backwards (ovi being a form of the latin ovum, meaning "egg"), though Dean credits Ivo as the name of his sister's boyfriend at the time, or something weird like that. From 1991-1999, the character was almost exclusively refered to as Dr. Robotnik in the Western culture that Sonic the Hedgehog was brought into.

In 1999, Sonic Adventure came out, and around this time Sega decided that having two different storylines for two different cultures wasn't necessary anymore because by then manga and anime were embraced by Western culture. Thus, they decided to combine the continuities of the Sega games (keep in mind that the different comic and cartoon continuities were not combined with them, no matter how many times someone may bring up Ovi Kintobor or Julian when talking about the games; these arguments are only valid in the minds of people who read the comics or watch the cartoons semi-religiously). According to Yuji Naka, the lead programmer of the original Sonic game and considered one of the "fathers" of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, Dr. Ivo Robotnik would be the character's real name, while Dr. Eggman would be his alias (his nickname, if you will).

Now, you mentioned Eggman's grandfather's name was Robotnik. It is; his name is Gerald Robotnik. He also has a granddaughter, Maria Robotnik. Robotnik is the family name, and was most likely used to remind the older fans that the name Robotnik was not going to disappear, and was still canon to the games.

Sorry if this makes me come off as a dick, but it really annoys me when people act like they know something when the information they provide has been proven false, by something that takes less than five minutes to look up on Google. I'm not a bad person, this is just one of my peeves. Trust me, I facepalm whenever people complain about Megaman's name or why somebody calls Resident Evil "Biohazard" lol
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opps, forgot to tell you that it's an awsome drawing!
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A very crisp and excellent shaded piece of work that explores the fine talent you have in your traditional media and single stroke shading. The clean line art is what really makes this piece standout and make him feel quite energetic and power hungry. The interpretation is also spot on and is perfect in many ways.

Keep it up.
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What a great picture^_^.. visit my page when you get a chance
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