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This is a emergency journal, sadly i do not have enough time to dedicate to this group as i did in the past, so i need serious people really interested on help in the tasks of approve submissions of artworks, to help to all my friends who's already working here, basically i need volunters with a clear concept about pin up art, and the standard of artworks we accept regulary in our galleries, you can take a look to our gallery folders and our rules of submissions too.

Is not a work so complicated, basically is just approve the artworks submitted if the art piece meets our rules and if has been submitten to the right folder category.

Everybody interested can send me a note to talk and clear all possible doubts about that.



PinUp-Club Founder
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Pin Up - Digital Paintings and Airbrushing 3
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Frozen by Jerry-SBK

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Juvii by Macodace
Pin Up - Traditional Drawings
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Cotton by SingGum
Joker Female version steampunk by LCFreitas
Cammy by Flowerxl
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Michelle ~ Original ACEO XR by NaughtyliciousArt
Shopping Trip by SugarFilledPinups

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Pin Up - Vectors and Vexels
Bianca Beauchamp - Montreal Canadiens - 2 by wolverine103197
Meiko's headscissor_cropped (Full view on Patreon) by bodyscissorfan
Meiko headscissor cropped (Full view on Patreon) by bodyscissorfan

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Sejuani by reportgg
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[Highschool Dxd] Swimsuit Akeno by DaatDraws

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Diana [Feet Set Preview] I by rizzyun
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Pin Up - Photography CLOSED: Folder is FULL
Pin-up3 by Elisanth




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=D Welcome to this group, let me introduce myself and my rock band admin staff :headbang:



READ THIS! No Camera point of view with vagina or anus pointing right at the viewer. We are not an erotic art group!

Steps and rules for artwork submissions:

A - Membership: every request is automatically approved.

B - Rules to submit art:

1- We are a group focused on the pin up arts dedicated to adult glamorous female beauty, so we only accept artworks in this category. We do accept female glamorous portraits and headshots. No male figures whatsoever.

While we appreciate erotic artworks, we are NOT an erotic artwork group. Please submit erotic art to other groups.

The following submissions might get you immediately and permanently banned from the group.

  • No torture, blood, scat, bondage, BDSM, whipping, cruelty to women, unconscious models, or close-up views of the female body. No Guro artworks. We are NOT a fetish group.
  • No depicted sexual acts. No severed limbs, bloody weapons, dying/deceased characters or zombies.
  • Submitting characters or models under the age of eighteen regardless of genre or theme.
  • Camera point of view with vagina or anus pointing right at the viewer.

  • Test renders, multiple angle views of the same figure, work in progress or unfinished work will be declined.
  • When you walk on the street you rarely see people with parts of their heads missing. Artworks with cropped heads will be declined. If you cropped an image, make sure you are not cropping at the foot or hand joint. There should not be any phantom hands or feet missing.

    Please show the model's entire hair and head. I apologize that we do not have galleries for models with incomplete hair and heads.

  • We would like either the NSFW or SFW version of your art. You choose which one. If we have to choose then one or both will be declined. We do not need multiple images from the same image set. Just choose and share the best one or two different images from a given image set.
  • We do not need censored artworks with the model's nipples or vagina covered with Patreon logos, icons, fruits, or Mr. Potato Head cartoon characters.
  • Anime and manga characters must be eighteen years or older in their genre. Animated artworks go into the Pin Up - Animation gallery please.
  • If your model has tails, beak, claws, hooves, paws or animal limbs then submit them to the Anthro folder only. Fox Girls only go into the Pin Up - Manga folder.
We are an adult female model group. Your beautiful MLP pinups belong in the DA Adult MLP community.

2- Submit your work into the appropriate Pin Up - xxx gallery folder it would directly correspond with. The Features galleries folder is reserved for the group admins to highlight exceptional adult female pin up style artwork submissions that we receive.

3- About submit your art in our galleries: we accept just THREE deviations per week for each artist, so try to always choose your best works when submitting artworks.

4- Try to choose wisely the Pin Up - xxx folder to submit art, any submission in a wrong category WILL mean the declining of the submission. We respect your choice of using watermark(s) however if your watermark is large or covers up the model's torso then the work will be declined. The pinup art style is about the model and not your watermark, or advertising, or DA watermark.

5- Find the Pin Up - xxx gallery folder that would correspond to the type of submission you'd like to deviate. Press the "+" to submit a previously submitted deviation from your own gallery or suggest an art piece from another artist you keep in your faves gallery.

6- Make sure you've following the group rules, every violation of them may influence in the rejection of your submission. If your model has tails, beak, claws, hooves, paws or animal limbs then submit them to the Anthro folder only. Fox Girls only go into the Pin Up - Manga folder.

7- The Favorites folder area is for admin selected artworks that do NOT fit in the group's adult female sexy/glamourous style of our Pin up galleries.

8- And last but definitely not least: In order to follow the rules of this site we do not accept submissions with adult content that involve children or people under legal age, also all type of images with explicit pornographic material will be rejected, if you have doubts about it we strongly recommend you before try to submit anything you check the official definition of DA of what is considered pornographic material following this link: Anime and manga characters must be eighteen years or older in their genre.


Noir Novel by crcarlosrodriguez
TESV Tales #1 - Mercenaries [cover artwork] by crcarlosrodriguez
Linda stage 4 by Feael
Leopard by deskridge
Photography - Expressivity
Hiver feerique by Marjie79
Louvre Pyramid by solcarlusmd
Portraits Gallery
Freckles by gkgaines
Take a photo by universal-nifa
Lady Warrior by HILIF
Kyber Heart by SaraForlenza
Photography - Landscapes
The Veil Of Eternal Unity by MoodyBlue
+Natural Mirror+ by moroka323
Golden Aviary ~ Faeria by saint-max
Snake Ridge of the Second Moon by ArthurBlue
The Godfather by cosmicplasm
James Brown and the Famous Flames by cosmicplasm
Beatles 'Star Club' by JSaurer
Thom Yorke by manohead
Vector Art
Zoro Roronoa - Vector Wallpaper by xKiiiNo
Ancient architect by 2buiArt

Mature Content

Katakrocker by craniodsgn
Western Comics Style

Mature Content

Santa's list by joshflynn
The flight home by KidGalactus
New Way To Fly by AlanGutierrezArt
Space Warp Machine Day by 2buiArt
Manga Comics Style
:: Your Name :: by Sangrde
Mercy - fan art by saint-max
Moon Crystal Ultimate by Zayarts
Fantasy Art
Last stop tigers by phantsythat
Loneliness by fra-gai
My Bodyguards by JassysART
Reign Of Gods Cover by ChrisOstrowski
Neptune Horses - glass by sintel16
Anguish by DarkArtist81
Native American Geronimo ll by renemarcel27
The Face Of David by imaginee
Conceptual Illustrations
the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus Capitolinus by BenHinman


Noir Novel by crcarlosrodriguez Noir Novel :iconcrcarlosrodriguez:crcarlosrodriguez 53 4 TESV Tales #1 - Mercenaries [cover artwork] by crcarlosrodriguez TESV Tales #1 - Mercenaries [cover artwork] :iconcrcarlosrodriguez:crcarlosrodriguez 94 6 Linda stage 4 by Feael Linda stage 4 :iconfeael:Feael 97 20 Leopard by deskridge Leopard :icondeskridge:deskridge 314 66 Florida Panther by deskridge Florida Panther :icondeskridge:deskridge 302 85 Friesian by deskridge Friesian :icondeskridge:deskridge 356 39 Photoshoot Lounging Around by Roy3D
Mature content
Photoshoot Lounging Around :iconroy3d:Roy3D 100 42
Busted in Tatooine by flipation Busted in Tatooine :iconflipation:flipation 845 39 Happier Days by madaigual Happier Days :iconmadaigual:madaigual 6 12 Moo Moo by PochiPops Moo Moo :iconpochipops:PochiPops 114 8 Carcass by DenisOlivier Carcass :icondenisolivier:DenisOlivier 650 213 taste of poison by Magrad taste of poison :iconmagrad:Magrad 513 65 Joker bust 1 by ThiagoProvin Joker bust 1 :iconthiagoprovin:ThiagoProvin 1,090 270 Dirty Pair by AdamHughes Dirty Pair :iconadamhughes:AdamHughes 1,156 71 Spud by Xenochimp Spud :iconxenochimp:Xenochimp 764 159

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