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Open for commissions!

Hi everyone!
I'm now open for art commission work and have put up a journal entry with a small pricing guide. Check it out!
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Hello, why are your prices so cheap? Your skill should be more expensive.

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Well, I'm not a professional artist. So $22 (+fees via Western Union) is quite fair I think. Illustrations are more expensive. I made from $50 to much more..

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Would you currently be open for commission like this? And how much would it cost? c:

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I would love to get a colored character done if you're available! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]

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Are you still open for commissions?
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How would payment work? cause I don't know if PayPal would work
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It's open now?
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Please wait for some weeks more..I`ll contact you
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so erm, can you do concept designing? o:
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Please send me the infos
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Is the $20 price for a full figure, or just from the waist up?
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Excellent! What are the usage rights for the piece I receive? Can I use it on a cover for an ebook, perhaps?
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You are free to use it. It would be great just to see my name in credits ;)
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Just send me the infos on my email
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The "Small pricing guide" link isn't working. Just thought you should know.

I am interested in the prices that are shown here. Are they the ones you intend to use?

In the game Shadowrun I play a character that I'd love to see in a color drawing.…
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Fixed the link, thanks!
Please send me an email and we`ll discuss it ;) It`s
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What are Western Union's ? is that another word for Euro's?
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