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I got a lot questions lately, so I thought to write a complete F.A.Q.
Feel free to ask if a question hasn't been answered.

About me

♣ How long have you been drawing?
I draw ever since I could hold a pencil. Since 2006 I got into anime style, but still drew in my own way. I stopped drawing for a few years after elementary school because of no inspiration, artblock and such... Blame middle school lol.

In december 2011 I started to draw digitally. To be honest I didn't really like it, so I threw my tablet in storage lol. 6 Months later, June 2012, I picked up my tablet again. In 2013 I started to work more serious, trying to improve. You can check my art progress here:  Improvement meme 2001-2014

♣ How old are you?
That's a secret :iconbigheplz:
Because I don't want to be compared based on my age.

♣ Where do you live?
In Netherlands. On the side note, English is my third language I can speak fluently.

♦ What motivates you to draw?
I wish to inspire people to draw and not giving up. The second reason is, art is a challenge for me.
I never want to stop improving. Also, art is so fun to create and look at.

♦ Have you ever taken art class/study?
Nope, I'm completely selftaught. I never took artclass but I don't regret it.

♣ Why did you start drawing digitally?
I saw my friend got a tablet and thought it would be cool to get one too. Actually just for fun. After a year I discovered the possibilities.
I'm so slow with understanding, haha.

Art related

♦ What programs do you use to draw?
I used Paint Tool SAI for years and now Clip Paint Studio is my main tool. 

♦ What is your canvas size?
For doodles and small stuff 1500x1500px or below and rescale it as I work. More complex works are between 5000x3000 pixels and I'm aiming 
to draw on higher resolution.

♦ What are your brush settings?
Back then in Paint Tool SAI: Brush settings. In Clip Paint Studio I mostly use the default ones.

♦ What tablet do you have?
I used to draw on Wacon Bamboo fun small. Even though it's cheap (about $80), it works great for me. What matters is skills. Having professional tools doesn't make you a professional in an instance. I got a Wacom Cintiq 13HD in 2015 and have always been drawing without the screen turned on.
I couldn't get used to staring down. Besides my monitor (27inch) is bigger and more comfortable to look at.

♦ How do you improve so fast?
From my view it feels like I improve so slow haha.
But everyone improves at their own speed.
I'm a perfectionist so I put much efford in one drawing. Practicing is not my secret since I don't have much time.
I don't say that practicing doesn't help, infact it helps a lot.
My "practice" is making complete drawings. Other fact is I observe drawings I like, then adding it to my own style.

My tip: Put efford in your drawing. If you see a mistake, fix it. Don't think to be lazy and hoping nobody will notice it.
Even if nobody notice it, YOU do. Drawing 'half hearted' won't help you to improve.

♦ How much time do you spend on one drawing?
It depends what I draw, also composition and poses affect the drawing speed. Sketches take 1/2 less time.
These are the average time I spend on one character drawing:
Chibi: 1-2 hours
Bust up: 1-2 hours
Knee up: 3-5 hours
Full body: 5 hours+
So if it's a chibi sketch, for example, it takes 30min-1 hour.
Backgrounds time:
Simple: 5min- 1 hour
Medium: 1 hour - 3 hours
Detailed: 4 hours - 10 hours

♦ How often do you draw?
It varies. I only draw when I have inspiration or feel like it. I could draw daily or leave my pen untouched for months.
Maximum 3 drawings/doodles a week due strain on my dominant hand.

♦ How do you draw backgrounds?
Uhm... I'd say, have a random imagination? XD
Honestly I don't think my backgrounds are special to mention lolz
I like to add details and make the background "interact" with the foreground/character.
I don't have any secrets though.


♠ Can you draw something for me, please?
Sorry I don't accept requests because I'm too busy. I do make random events to give those who are interested a chance to win free art.
But only to those who really appreciate my work or me as person. Personally I think it's rude to ask artists for favors while they have
a commission list open.

♠ Do you accept trades/collabs/commissions/join projects?
Please check the stats on my profile before asking.
About projects, I usually reject because I don't have time. Bluntly said, it didn't catch my interest or I don't have trust.
It all depends on the content of a request. I would usually ignore if it's written like "Hey, can you help me with my project?"

♠ Can you teach me to draw or got any tips?
Firstly, I'm a bad teacher lol. I did try to 'teach' some people back then but it didn't work out haha most quited lol.
I think the best way is to learn it yourself. My best tip: put efford and be open to new things.

♠ Can you make a tutorial?
I made some tutorials a year ago but they are horrible. I can't even believe I made them at that skill level.
I still think I'm not skilled enough to make those. Instead I show how my pieces were created. Check them in the "Misc." folder in my gallery.
Other option is watching my speedpaint videos may help.

♠ Do you post your drawings elsewhere then dA?
Yes, check my profile page for links to my my other accounts. I use dA for more serious works and post doodles and wips on my side accounts
If you ever catch my art without credits on other sites, please report it. I stored some old art but you can still find some in my scraps.

♠ Can you be my friend?
Friendships don't start with a question haha. I'm willing to be everyone's friend but good friends are an other story. I'd say, let's see how it works out.

♠ Can I use your art for...?"
If it is a commissioned piece:
Ask the commissioner for their permission. 
If it is original art: No.
If it is fanart: Only if proper credited.
If it is other than that: Ask me.

♠ Can I repost your art?"
Preferably not but if you're going to, credit please. UNLESS it is stated in the description you cannot. If it is a commissioned piece, ask the commissioner.
Please never repost on a media where I got an account. 

I hope this helped. Feel free to ask me questions which are not listed above.
My art stats are mentioned on my profile page.

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S-aiitoChanHobbyist General Artist
Maximum 3 drawings/doodles a week due strain on my dominant hand.

Wait, so you can draw with both hands...?
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Yea, I can. I have no more issues nowadays because I keep an eye on my limits.
Breaks are part of the process!
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S-aiitoChanHobbyist General Artist
Do you have any samples between your hands? Just curious, it's okay if you don't :3
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BWGCQ1QstarHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wait wat How did i forgot your live in the Netherland XD ???
ik ben ook van daar XD zo veer ik weet heb 4 Gewwldig nederlands artisten gezien XD met jouw is het 5 >w< 
Pinlin's avatar
I don't often come across dutch anime artists online, so I wouldn't expect either.
Besides, I often write in English. Somehow Dutch feels awkward and catches attention
of those that browse through comments //cough cough

Wie zijn de anderen?
BWGCQ1Qstar's avatar
BWGCQ1QstarHobbyist Traditional Artist
true i do understand that =o
i type english because not many people know dutch or can understand 

Denny-Art13Thoughtful-Stargazer so far i remeber =o
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Misaki-onee-sanHobbyist General Artist
How do you put effort into your drawings?
What if you already trying the best you can but cant seem to get your mistakes right after trying like 20 times what do you do then?
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Improving isn't hard, just most people don't like to get out of their comfortzone and stick to their own ideals. Getting out of comfortzone is the hard part.
I read your comment on my poll that you don't understand answers that most artist give. Good artist won't give you 'one tip that solves everything'.
That doesn't exist. As people are different, each uses different methods. Even if I list every way that might help you, in the end it's you that decides the
result, consciously or unconciously. For example, 'practise every day' is a typical advice artist give. You might find yourself drawing every day for a few
months, but don't feel satisfied at all. There could be different reasons: 
- You had no goal. What were you aiming for? Be specific, 'everything' is not realistic. Nobody goes from stick figure to Mona Lisa at once.
Something that's easy for you to draw does NOT mean it's already good. Something that is hard to draw, doesn't mean you're bad at it.
- No experiments. Drawing a circle, and hoping that it becomes a face if you draw enough of them. It aint work if you don't go outside the box.
Experiment till you find something useful.
- Practising is not for you. As I mentioned, not everyone improves by 'practising'. Samples? Sometimes, when people change their life, it may affect their 
works. Even small events can affect you. Going through depression, meeting new people etc. There is more behind art than made up rules.
Some call this "Magical improvement", but it's just change in the state of mindset.

The answer to your first question about HOW I put effort. Well, I don't move for a while and focus on what I make :iconmierdaplz: That's how I put effort.
If you meant WHY I put effort, because I love art. It's pleasant to look at something I create and it's a way of expressing myself.
If you meant WHAT use to I put as effort (this sounds a bit off but I will answer), I use my goals as motivation to put effort. Also, using my health to
it's limits. 

The answer to your second question is mentioned above, if not, written under "Draw Again Meme" submissions in my gallery. I'm curious about the reason
people want to improve (will make a poll about it later). I believe everyone has potention in art, however, everyone has a limit. It depends on the person
wether they want to raise the bar or not. How is up to them. Reaching a larger audience? Use messages that people can relate to, or simplify it.
Sharing what you like? You'll attract people that like the same. Opening up yourself? People will be interested in you.

If these answers are not what you were looking for, ask for advice from various people. The last advice I would give when nothing works out; discover
and understand yourself before continuing with art- and, do you really care about it? It's hard to do something that feels like a chore. Quit.

I hope this covers everything. It may sound confusing at first, but take time to read again.
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Misaki-onee-sanHobbyist General Artist
:o (Eek) okey i will slowly answer this cause there are alot of words here Sweating a little... 

i know that most artists dont really give any tips but when i ask them for example :
how long did it take you to get good at anatomy?
there answer: i draw alot
to me it doesn,t give a clear answer and i get confused then most artists cant really never answer my questions so they mostly tell me that they can,t or dont know
i understand that is diffcult to teach other people so mostly in the end i stop asking and sooner or later nerviously ask another good artist

-for the goal thing(hmm how do i put this..uhm)for me its hard to have small goals cause i get confused and think oh i have to work on this oh i have to work on that too and mostly end up not improving at all so instead i try to set one big goal for a year or maybe longer but for now its a year goal

i understand that it takes years to get good at art but there are those times when you get all depressed about it cause it takes forever to get good and you just feel like lets give up i will never get good at this cause there so good and everyone go,s to those people and doesnt noticed my struggles to get as good as them and etc (all other negative thoughts) i got through these just a day ago and believe it is really hard to stick with art sometimes but i do try to stay postive and think about how much fun i have doing art(even thought i suck at making it right now sorry i am very negative person sometimes please don,t take it to hard i,ii be fine)and how much love and passions i have for it and mostly it helps me to keep going at it 

i try to experiment here and there with different coloring(first read about it and look it up before doing so)and with different styles 
i sometimes even try to draw poses out of my anatomy comfort zone but i mostly end up with a bad drawing so i don,t like to show it here or else whereSweating a little... 

i did changes already(even thought i have a very negative view on myself in general)i learned last year ways to stay postive but thats probley not what you mean sorry
Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3] 
so your saying you draw lets say one picture and you on it alot?like for weeks?
i don,t know if i can do that althought i do try to teach myself that i must do that too(or else the out come is bad)

for the last part i have no idea how to answer that it isn,t cause i don,t understand its hard to answer that 

but i do believe that i wanne give it my all to get good at art i know i will never be the next vangogh or other amazing artists that lived before us
but i wanne stick with art and hopefully someday can get good at it and maybe even change the art world abit 
cause i think that every artists is uniek in there own way cause there is only one of you and only one of me 

but the struggle to get there is real 
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I blame them for not answering the question correctly lol. I always give a literal answer, sometimes sarcastic xD" 
To be honest, you don't gain anything with your questions. The answers are not requirements, and don't indicate anything.
Maybe you only asked out of sheer curiosity, but you mentioned 'good' artists. I assume you wanted to know how to get
'good' and follow a similiar path they took. To tell the truth, many artists really don't know how they improve. It happens
unconciously in a large span of time. I bet barely anyone still have their first drawings made below age 4. Of course they
don't draw at the same skill level years later, but how can you explain this besides practise and draw a lot? At a certain point
they become aware of their skills and start improving consciously. Again, it's not the same for every artist.

Your quote reminds me of this: twitter.com/bethevansart/statu…;

It depends on the person how long it takes. Some improve in months, especially the beginning goes rapidly.
Yeah, you can still enjoy something you're bad at. Like I enjoy drawing monsters, but I don't think I'm good at it.
No need to apologize to me, apologize to yourself for being stubborn. Keep up your positivity Chanyeol V-Sign and Mischievous Wink 

Do you mean if I work on one picture for weeks? Yes, that happens when I don't have much time or not in the mood. 
It never happens that I work over 30+ hours on 1 drawing in total. The time spent on 1 drawing is spread through weeks.
I haven't created something that I need to spend so much time on, or the drawing was not worth it and I abandoned it. 
This is not a time limit, and I don't mean artists should draw fast. This is a thing I observed about myself doing UNCONSCIOULY.

Your old masters quote reminds me of: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/5…

Anyway, the first barrier is yourself. Worrying a lot is blocks your creativity. Especially as beginner it's unnecessary, find the love
and motivation for art first. Everything else comes after.
Misaki-onee-san's avatar
Misaki-onee-sanHobbyist General Artist
The twitter one wouldnt loaded
Oh and the other link the 3 will i ever be are surely all like how i think
I cant say i am the best i would only be fooling myself cause i am not good
You are good and i am not or at least not but i dont see me getting as good as you there is just no way thats possible
Misaki-onee-san's avatar
Misaki-onee-sanHobbyist General Artist
Yeah i think spot something along those lines of literal and sarcastic XD

You probley right about that but sometimes its not just curiosity maybe i want others to cheer me up when i feel down cause....in real live i am nothing but a tool to people i am always the one that has to help others to cheer them up but when i feel bad or down no one really helps me to get back up.
I sortof taught myself that asking other people in real live is a no go cause other people dont care about me only about themselves.

So maybe i searched for someone to save me from all the pain to always get back up myself
I see i am pretty slow with improving i think i have a diffculted time to understand stuff sometimes i sometimes feel abit like a dumb idiotic person cause of it

Actually i really enjoy drawing even if i know i am bad at it i think i hate it more when i cant draw cause of real live stuff getting in the way (like now) that to just draw even if it is bad
Ah please dont say that i suck at drawing everything and believe before i went back to draw manga/anime style i tried so many other things potraits,animals,buildings,gothic angel,backgrounds of living rooms (by mixing photos together),piano,wine glass,snow cave,a woman holding a violin.
And there wasnt anything i was good at drawing non of them without having help
I am surely the artist that always needs a teacher for help but still study on my own too

Thats kinda easy said by someone who is good you know i am sorry if this sounds kinda rude or bad but i dont know if you have people who support you as a artist in real live now and back then but
I have close to no support at all and having parents who keep telling me that i never be as good as you and all they others cause they have talented i dont isnt really helping either
A couple of weeks ago i told my mom i wanted to get good at art and go to a con standing there proudly with my artwork
She said i couldnt cause there are things in live you cant do or have

So in other words i really do my best to stay postive but it is sometimes really hard to do so if you have a negative life around you.

..........i see

Thats true but if you grow up always being bullied hurt told you never be good at anything no matter how hard you try it is kinda normale i become such a person i am now but i really try to change i really do
Even if i dont always like my own works and even if i am bad at drawing i know that i truly love drawing and that i have passion for it
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AyakohiHobbyist Digital Artist
HOW CAN YOU DRAW SO FAST OTL are you people superman ;A;
MiChaou's avatar
whats your usually canvas size? OvO
Pinlin's avatar
That's a rather interesting question. I forgot to write this one xD
Added this question below "Art related".
x-flower's avatar
Haha i just read your F.A.Q and i stopped by where you life. I was like: Omg we live in the same country, yeah x'D
100procent-Juul's avatar
100procent-JuulHobbyist Digital Artist
you live in the Netherlands?? me too! :3 dus je spreekt Nederlands? :3
Pinlin's avatar
Tuurlijk kan ik dat! Maar omdat dA een engelse site is
type ik liever gewoon engels :D Met uitzondering van dit.
100procent-Juul's avatar
100procent-JuulHobbyist Digital Artist
wat leuk, Nederland heeft niet veel ècht goede artiesten. cool dus dat jij Nederlands bent ^^
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PastryPuffsHobbyist General Artist
I know your age! o3o
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Shinju--HashimfoHobbyist Digital Artist
Are Bamboo tablets worth it? I have an Intuos 4 right now and it's getting worn down, so i'm thinking of getting a new one soon.
Pinlin's avatar
Yes, mine works great! I also have a few friends using the same tablet
and they have no complains either. The only downside is that they easily
get scratched so change your pen nibs regularly or reduce the tip
sensetiveness. If you don't press hard and handle it carefully, it still
looks almost brand new like mine after 3 years use (500+ drawings): 
Shinju--Hashimfo's avatar
Shinju--HashimfoHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow! So you got yours for only $60 and it's lasted 3 years? That's amazing..
I'll definitely have to look into one then. I've had mine for about the same amount
of time and it has plenty of scratch marks on it, but I don't press down on it very
hard at all. There is a shiny spot right in the middle where I press on the most.

The kind of tablet I want the most is the kind that you draw on and it's the drawing
itself, not where you have to look at the computer screen like the one I have now.
Pinlin's avatar
It's my first tablet lol. I thaught myself to scroll and zoom as less as possible
so the scratches aren't all on a certain spot. 

I think you mean a cintiq? They are awesome but quite expensive. The cheapest
is around $1000+. It's recommend to use this when you draw a lot or think it's
more comfortable to look at where you draw. 
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