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Gojo because he is bae😎 I gave him blue glasses with reflections of Geto. Its a bit small to see here though. I went a bit bold with colors, just to try out.

I plan to share the process of this on my Class101 course later (…)

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Love him! Are you going to do the other guys in the anime?

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Anime characters need to look like this more.Whith white hair and right in the bob with the ghetto cheesecake boppers and they are cawl poppin crawley crats with the chilly.Pass it on the behemoth art tag.

heyy it's too good...i really wanna make it my wallpaper....please tell me how???

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This literally makes me wanna go watch this anime, so pretty (your work and Gojo lol)

1A2N3N4I5E's avatar

This is Unbelievable Literally Unbelievable!!! Great job!! <3

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amazing, congrats

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Damnnnn! Gojo is best of all!! :heart: rvmp

In love with this Art!!!!

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That's so amazing!! Reflections of Geto on the glasses is such a painful and beautiful detail i can't-

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That's really nice job.

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sheesh it looks really good!!! the lil tongue tho :love:

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I really like how you gave him blue shades! Looks awesome. And beautiful coloring, fantastic work
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Husbando Material. Amazing job dude ^^

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gojo gojo gojo gojo gojo gojo gojo GOJO!!!😫👌
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Colors are insanely sick 🤯 them sunglasses tho. Love it
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This looks magnificent

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This is gorgeous!

PickleBiscuitBug's avatar

Beautiful! Expressive!

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