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Mystic Messenger

Update 11/03/2017: Added Yoosung, V and Jaehee to complete the crew. Order is the which I drew first from left ro right. Click for bigger view! 
Originally I only intended to doodle Zen, what happened :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz: I'm pleased how they all turned out. I tried to repeat some elements: different rose colors and dark bar.
I haven't uploaded large stuff for a while as I'm working on projects, but as soon as they are done they'll be up at once. Thank you for viewing, please keep supporting me! (╯✧∇✧)╯

Sketches of Mystic Messenger characters: Zen - 707 - Jumin - Unknown. The roses are increasing in every drawing LOL. The colors represents their story and personality.
Speedpaint of 707:…

They are posted on my Twitter and Tumblr too. I've got requests about other characters, so I'll add them later. 
I got Yoosung's spot in Mystic Messenger fan artbook which will be published in december.…

I'm participating in Inktober this year which you can follow on 
Instagram. October is the busiest month of this year, I've never drawn so much before compared
to previous months.

Characters © Cheritz
Art by Pinlin 
Find me on: @ Facebook @ Youtube @ Twitter @ Pixiv @ Instagram
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So awesome! Love Unknown and Jumin <3 but they all look so good!
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This is TOO cool
Idiot-Warranty's avatar
after only seeing three in the thumbnail I am very happily surprised!! Thank you!! <3
Ai-Saretai's avatar
Amazing!! I love your artworks! <33 ;u;
Jeanify's avatar

I love all of them~ But Seven's my favorite, hahaha! <3
NezuPanda's avatar
aahh each one of them looks so amazingggg T^T 
meionna's avatar
Zen and v looks so awesome😍😍
all of them looks so stunning tho 💕
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Hey, I don't know if you allow people to use your art in their YouTube videos, but I found a video that featured your fanart of Zen. I don't think you were credited. :/
It's shown at the 0:52 mark.
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I allow fanworks as long as it's credited. For other type works people would ask me personally. 
Thank you for notifying, I've contacted them.
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It looks amazing!LANCE  These strokes and this line are shocked! Memorable. I like it.+~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel  Hard work! How many hours did you work?
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Yoosung looks so suave :3
Kantella-KEP's avatar
OMGGGGG This is perrrrfect!!!!!!!
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unpopular opinion, but would you ever plan to add Rika?
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I would add fire to fuel, so I don't think to xD"
Some people also requested fanart of the heroine, but she seems a bit irrelevant as she is supposed
to portray the player.
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Thanks for taking time to reply ^^ and yea, I understand :) 
Lol, yea, MC is kind of irrelevant and there's so many different versions o.o; (unicorn MC, blonde, normal, and uhm, there's one that looks like Candela(spelling?) from Pokemon Go XD)
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