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Mono Color

I recently started a webtoon "Monochrome meets Color" about these OCs. You can read it here:…

You might recognize them from these artworks from years ago:… /…
I have wanted to do a comic about them for years but never found motivation. Comics takes ages to draw and it felt I had not enough skill. Now I have more time in my hands I want to at least give a try.

Art & Characters Pinlin 
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Oh my god, I never knew you were the artist behind that artwork from long ago! I remember being a kid watching the speedpaint. I was so fascinated by it. XD

Pinlin's avatar

It's already been over 4 years- Time sure flies. The style is quite different than my recent works so people don't make the link. I'm glad that my art is memorable!

Cyber-Cypher's avatar

Not gonna lie, that artwork was one of the reasons why I wanted to do digital art. XD

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I really love this artwork! I read the webtoon a few days ago and it's absolutely amazing. The characters and the art are beautiful and the story seems awesome already. Can't wait to read more! :heart:

crazy4anime09's avatar

This looks amazing!!! I love their poses, all the colors, and all the details! I will definitely read it! :love: fav ^^

skfuu's avatar

NXKDHDH WHAT A VERY OUTSPOKEN AND OUTSTANDING ART QAQ the colors and theme totally make everything perfectly beautiful T////T

Eeepppppp if it's made by your we should definitely read

Pinlin's avatar

Thank you!! Please let me know what you think of the comic \o\

I've never done a story in comic style before so feedback means a lot to me!

kikiTV20's avatar

That is so trippy and cool!

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Shaezonai's avatar

Absolutely lovely work!

The way you play with colors is wonderful, and I'm super curious where this story goes.

I would like to see more of this. I hope you will find the energy, motivation and your own pacing to continue <3

Pinlin's avatar

Thank you for the encouragement (人・◡・)♡

Their world has it's own traits and I'll flesh them all out. The planning of this project started in April and it took 2 months until I could post something. So far the feedback made me even more motivated to finish.

Hyanna-Natsu's avatar

Curious to see where the story goes C:

I know comics are a lot of work, so please do at your own pacing and as the ideas flows~

Keep us updated o(≧▽≦)o

Pinlin's avatar

I'm glad it catches your interest ( ˘⌣˘)♡ I've never done any comic longer than 4 panels before and only realized the workload halfway. Although, the feedback keeps me fueled and inspired.

I will do so through status updates!

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wow its amazing

CathARTic1's avatar
This is indescribably beautiful I look forward to more of your comic it’s gorgeous
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