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Comfortable Base

A couple base for you guys.  Feel free to edit however you'd like.
Contains a PSD and PNG file-- PSD files can be easily used within Sai.  Let me know if you need any help!
Please help direct this toward the appropraite category!
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Are you allowed to make a profit off this , and make a ych outta it ? 
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thank you for the wonderful base <3
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tho i edited it to fit ros' body type a bit more
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I ref'd your base! Thanks for such a cute pose!
Cheri and Jack by CptKay
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Used it~!
Loved to work on this so I hope it turned out at least okai.. <33
Smol Senpai And Even Smoler Senpai by AbusiveLoveOverdose
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great job! i'll use it someday ^q^
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Can I make an MSPaint friendly version? I'll give you the full credit and ask people to credit you.
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Shyaa, that would be awesome!
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Used! You have lovely female anatomy c: <3
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I suppose that's a good thing since I make bases!  Kekeke.
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where is the  MS paint friendly version
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I did not make one for this base.
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