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It occurred to me that where I once would've written a journal entry here on DA that I've relegated all of that sort of breakdown information to the newsletter on my website. So let me get you guys up to date too!

Up till this point in the year I've been at my job at H&R Block. Tax season was extended an extra month, so between the normal deadline (April 15th) and the new deadline (May 17th) I was able to finish @Hannah-Alexander's Set 9 cross stitch patterns.

NouveauPrincess XstitchPatterns (HannahAlexander)9

I meant to get these finished for the holidays 2020 but my grandma ended up living with me for a few months which made it difficult to focus on the work needed. Once tax season started the same sort of problem exists, not having uninterrupted time, so it lagged until after April 15th to be done.

At my desk I worked on commissions like this one:

Portrait of a Friend

I have two more commissions for the year. One is in this same style and the other is in petite-point one-over-one HAED-style tiny stitching.

As neither pattern was ready for me to take to work I looked through my stash of patterns. I reaaallllyyyyy don't like kitting them up. It's a good thing to do and saves me future time but my brain is just like beepboopbeep "do not want". Kitting basically means that I gather all the supplies needed for a project, like the fabric and thread, and bundle them up with the pattern in a bag for the future. Some projects I'd half-kit'd were Brooke's Books princess dress series. I had the fabric and kreinik spools picked out so when I grab their baggies all I have to do is gather the DMC thread.

If you follow my Instagram you'll see progress photos for these projects. I realized last month that despite how much work I had been doing at my desk it didn't look like much was happening here on DA. The dresses can't be finished until some stuff happens in real world logistics: my brother decides where he's moving, his furniture finally comes out of his room, his room becomes my office, and I organize my room into two. Once that happens I'll be able to access the flat art storage currently buried in my closet, stitch on the ribbons for this dress series, and store them safely flat until their time for framing comes.

My to-do list spills over into this year now:

Wipocalypse 2020

Up next is Frenone's Sylvanas. She can be pre-ordered here: [click] Frenone is on board with me continuing to make patterns from this series for a long time, so in the end this partnership should produce some 40+ pieces. I hope to have Slyvanas done before May is over.

@euclidstriangle's queen series is next on the board. Though they have relatively flat coloring I intend to glitter and bead them up wherever I can. :heart: I want that series done by the end of June BUT with how things are looking as of today for my brother's move this might end up getting pushed.

My next priority has to squeeze in around the two remaining commissions, but I hope it have it done before the holiday season really hits so that people can have a chance to get stitching!

Happy Holidays

@sandara has given me permission to turn these lovely dragons into a pattern and I'm going to go all out with it! I want rainbow kreinik on the baubles! I want sparkly dragon scales! I want rainbow gallery gradients for the fire! I want it allllll!

My OC Aerie Evergreen patterns and the bead projects are on the back burner, but I hope to have them done before the year is. Other than Brooke's Books princess series, my stitching goals for the year include Hannah Alexander's Ariel, @littlepaperforest's Candycane Queen, and Bella Filipina's Bellatrix conversion.

Alright! :blowkiss: I hope you all feel properly informed now! You can get regular updates like this via my newsletter by filling out the form at the bottom of my page and checking the box to do so.

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. :heart:


Ashley Mae

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You go!! I keep browsing your site ever since we talked, and (of course I changed my plans like 10000 times since then, lol) I now plan to purchase an existing pattern, maybe the Mucha girls, I really like them but I haven't decided what I can use them for (on a bag, on something else, etc...) yet... I hope the very best for you and can't wait to see your new projects, they are amazing and they give me endless inspiration.

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:love: Aw, thanks so much! I would love to see the Mucha girls stitched!

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Yes! Glitter and bead those queens up! XD I’m really excited to see sandara’s dragons in thread! The floss you find for your projects is amazing. I hope the move and the new office space work out well and things go smoothly for you!

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:la: Yessss thank you!!