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Excuse me while I vent a little. I'm finding myself increasingly frustrated with my art not getting accepted into various groups because I'm working with other artists to make it happen. I know it's a group by group ruling. There's some where they just auto-accept anything and it's chaos in those folders. There's some where they like my digital work but not the fact that I link to my shop.

I put hours and hours into these patterns and digital groups won't accept them because they're not original. If I put even more hours in and stitch them physically there's artisan groups who will decline them because they're TOO MUCH like the original!!

What am I supposed to do, then? What about other artists who do collaborations, you know, where one does the lineart and one does the coloring? Is that not essentially what I'm doing in another medium? It's not like I've yoinked this artwork off google images and gone nuts with it. I'm working WITH these artists. In most cases they get a percentage of the pattern sales. They do the artwork, I convert it into a pattern, and sometimes I get to physically stitch them too. Is that not a collaboration?

Here's a thing that happened. There's a Facebook group I'm in for cross-stitch. I had posted the pirate piece I did for my friend Tilla. The original pattern is by one of my favorite designers, Brooke's Books, but I did a lot of modification to it to fit my friend. Someone in the Facebook comments asked where the pattern was from so I linked to Brooke's Etsy shop. I didn't post to MY shop, I didn't post the modified pattern, I didn't even make mention in my reply that they can totally ask me for help if they want a recolor too. No. All I did was link to Brooke's shop to answer their question. And the admins?? DELETED THE ENTIRE POST?? Because I was trying to sell something?????

Tillathehuny - The Pirate - The Wonder Woman

Oh my gaawwwddddddd you guyysssssssssssss I'm just so MAD. And it really is group by group. Do I really have it in me to make an argument every time a piece gets declined somewhere? And then hope the admins remember me in a... positive way... and not in a "oh here she comes again" way.

Listen. I know my medium is different from the grand majority of DA's digital anime fanart artists. I know. But I fit here too. I've been here a long time. It's literally the best website for artisan crafts and AC is only a small, small portion of this place, made even smaller by DA changing out of the gallery tree into hashtags.

I feel, I dunno, cornered by it. Most things in the crafts I'm interested in are from and by patterns. If I crochet a doily from a pattern I grab off Etsy there's a hundred other people who have done the same doily, but artisan groups accept it gladly. But if I stitch Qinni's artwork, with my own pattern making and my own flare and choices to it to bring it into an entirely new medium, many groups will decline it for being too much like the original. What can I do with that? Where does that fit?

Qinni's Stardust
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Thats incredible sad,sound almost like you would be better off with a completly new group made here on DA with rules that allow someone to post stuff like yours that you have stiched and linked back to where you bought the original.

I know you probably dont have the time for it,with everything else your doing and your backlog of work so i can only wish you luck. :huggle:

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Thankfully I already run one of those. :D @stitchingpirates is a great home, but, yea, I definitely benefit from the fact that I'm admin for it. There's only so much exposure that can get me. (And thankfully it's a smaller group at 1,000 people so it doesn't cost me too much time each week to manage!)

Thank you though. :hug: I really appreciate the sentiment and well wishes.

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Facebook doesn't seem like it's worth it for stuff like this, even if there's a lot of people interested in crafts in there. My mother was in one of these groups where they share patterns from magazines and they went after her for sharing certain stuff just because one of them liked to put their signature on everything they got.

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Sorry, I should've been more clear that I meant DA's groups as well. Facebook was just my big example because it seemed the safest to call out, and both website use the word "group".

Sounds like your mom ran into worse people than me, though. :(

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I'd suggest leaving the FB group.

Your pieces are stunning and I know for a fact that they're at a much higher caliber than what I am capable of doing.

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Thank you. <3 You're totally capable! Everyone is. :) I've just been at it a long time.

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I was also told recently that it's therapeutic.

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It is! Most of the time it's super zen for me. Just sit and stitch. :aww:

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It is essentially fanart to redo it in any other medium and I admire you work. Tbh it is all about being familiar with the medium. I have drawn so many patterns and converted them into patterns which took me longer than the actual piece! But as labor intensive as it is to make these, it is a rather niche and lacks the general understanding. I'm surprised that they are this harsh about this but sadly I can't give any recommendations. I used to share my stuff (with my etsy shop included) on reddit where they didn't delete it or anything. Maybe you can share your stuff there as well.

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Thanks for your feedback and compliment. So far I've found some minor success via r/crossstitch when I'm able to post finished stitchwork. They only like patterns there if they're free, which I understand. It's actually best when other people post their finishes of my patterns, then it looks a whole lot less like shilling, haha.

At least it feels better knowing I'm not the only one in this boat. :heart: Thanks.

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no problemo! :D I mean I get that the free ones get the most traction but I got lucky once when I shared a pic of my finished piece. Let's just say that that day I earned a lot :lmao: but that's the thing with reddit. you never know what might get popular.

The best of luck to you :heart::star:

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