So You Want [To Suggest] A Pink DD?

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:bulletpink: So you're looking to showcase a piece of amazing artisan craft goodliness and want to know "how"? I have the answers for you right here!
  • You can send me a DD suggestion very easily, Just [click here] to send me a note!
    • Label it DD Suggestion for the quickest response.
    • Please only suggest one piece per note!
      • My internet is terrible and having to load lots of images at once knocks me out.
        • The irony of this problem on an art website is not beyond me.
    • Include the thumbnail/link to the artwork you wish to suggest.
    • Include a few words on why you think it should be featured for the community.
  • If I turn down your suggestion please don't feel bad! Keep sending me more! :la: It's physically impossible for me to accept all submissions but the more I have to pick from the better it is for the whole community.

Don't forget, these are guidelines, not rules!

  • I prefer to feature Artisan Crafts and Cosplay pieces. Most other areas of art are outside my expertise!
    • 'Mature content' pieces should be sent to SinistrosePhosphate instead.
    • If you want to suggest DDs from any other gallery check this list to find out who should you suggest it to.
  • Do your best to see that the deviant hasn't received a DD in the last six months, that's the most often they can be given.
  • No works in progress (WIPs) or unfinished objects (UFOs) please, only finished pieces.
  • If it is more than a year old I will likely decline it, this is to showcase the artist's current talent!
  • Self-suggestions are encouraged! Be proud of your work!

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SinistrosePhosphate's avatar
Mature Content? Me? 

Love it! Do I get to see some immature content as well? ;) 
pinkythepink's avatar
:lol: Probably. Do you want me to take you off the mature content tag? I just stuck you on there so people wouldn't send them to me. XD Before, it was Talty.
SinistrosePhosphate's avatar
I don't care about the mature content. If you don't want to see them, you can send them to me, that's fine. 
I mean... the stuff I see at work... is probably worse than most of what these guys can make... ^^;
pinkythepink's avatar
You make a fair point as always :stare:
SinistrosePhosphate's avatar
I try...? 
... really hard? ^^; 
copperrein's avatar
You're my mature content :heart:
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