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Bullet; Pink Seeing as its October and I think we all need a bit of a break this year, this month's challenge is less challenging than others I might've posed to you. :) I'm also HIGHLY encouraging submissions to the Culinary Arts gallery - I'd love to see roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie, butternut squash soup, and all manner of pumpkin-flavored goodies. Did you see that squash slip in there?! Yep! Bring me your best squash and gourds too, it doesn't have to be just pumpkins!

Your challenge is:
  • Take your own craft and make something squashy!
    • La la la la It must be submitted to DA after this journal to count!
  • Comment here with a thumb/link so that I don't miss it.
  • Even if you aren't an artisan feel free to participate!
    • Yes!! Bring me drawings!! Bring me photos! Bring me stories! I don't care what your medium is. La la la la
At the end of the month I'll feature all your new delicious pieces in a new journal. :squee:
Halloween Treats by ChocolateDecadence The Pumpkin King *SOLD* by RachaelsWireGarden mini maize by FatalPotato 2016-12-13 01.42.52 by Slayersrx7 Halloween Disney Inspired Miniature Food by TheMicroBakery Autumn sunshine by MedusasVengeance Pumpkin carriage by dora-designstudio Miniature halloween pumpkin by EmisBakery Pumpkin patch fairy door by LittleWrenCottage Dragon by kenklinker Jacko Cameo Necklace in Orange by TrueCrimeberry 1:12 scale Pumpkin Tart by Almadejonge Polymer Clay Pumpkin Cottage by missfinearts Pumpkin Biscornu by Mattsma Gutting the smallest of pumpkins by fairchildart The Cursed Sorceress - Cia by johwee The Mother Tree, Gourd Lamp by ART-fromthe-HEART Mini Pumpkin Box by Magical525 Electra by Ammeih Pumpkins! by JustBelieveCreations Hollow 'Glass' Pumpkins by HowManyDragons 2016 MD Exclusives Halloween Witch Table by MacLeodDragons<da:thumb id="685229361"/> Cinderella by NadienSka Lace pumpkin by MissDwidwi Handcrafted Gourd Lamp - Table lamp VI- Gourdlight by gourdlight Summer bracelets, polymer clay by NoirArt Dark Magic by AtriellMe 'Twas the night before Halloween! Glow in the Dark by Secretvixen


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A terribly be-lated thank you for adding my jacko cameo to this post. <3 I see we have the same love for miniatures, hah
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You're welcome! :la: Miniatures are love, miniature are lifeeeeee
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Needle Felted Pumpkin by domeliz12
heres my entry for the challenge, sorry for being late
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Gotchu! Don't worry, I was out. :D
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awesome thanks!
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What I carved this year: Pennywise the Dancing Clown (Stephen King's It) by Kamose
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This is my pumpkin brooch

Pumpkin Witch Brooch by queenofexecutions
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Gotchu, thanks! :love:
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Well, not only pumpkins, but...
Earrings for Halloween by Convallarianovembris
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Gotchu, thanks! :love:
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Pumpkins, yessss! Pumpkin LA Icon 
Black Dragon with Faux-Dichroic Pumpkins by HowManyDragons
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Gotchu, thanks! :love:
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Gotchu, thanks! :love:
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Here's my next answer--> Halloween sweaters are NOT ugly! by Mr-Pink-Rose  
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