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Bullet; Pink Hi guys! I am super pleased to report success of the first monthly challenge [Finished Monthly Feature Challenge: DRESSES] for dresses! This inspires me to go on and continue. :la:

This month we're doing the simple theme of PINK :squee: so it can really be anything as long as the majority is pink. This means, really, I don't wanna see a piece that is 99% white with just a few dots of pink on it. :giggle: Reasonably, I'm going to require at least 50% of the piece to be pink to feature it at the end of the month.
Okay, so why pink?! Besides the obvious, my birthday is this month! :iconzoominplz: I'm going to be 24 on the 24th and I want to have plenty of pink goodies to celebrate with! Originally, I was thinking I'd have you all make 'twenty four' of something :plotting: but that seemed a little ridiculous, especially since I'm encouraging Artisan Crafts and making 24 of anything is pretty daunting (at least, I see it that way).


Your challenge is:
  • Take your own craft and make something pink! La la la la It must be submitted to dA after this journal to count!
  • Make sure at least half or more of your piece is pink!
  • Link back to this journal in your description.
  • Comment here with a thumb/link so that I don't miss it.
  • Even if you aren't an artisan feel free to participate!
    • Yes!! Bring me drawings!!
  • I won't be featuring mature artwork, please respect that. :blowkiss:
At the end of the month I'll feature all your new pink goodies in a new journal. :squee:
Beaded-leather-gala-mask by Beadmask 1:12 scale Neapolitan Cupcakes by Almadejonge Fairyland Minifee Chloe by ATsLALAland Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by TetianaKorobeinyk 585 - Deerling (Spring) by Devi-Tiger Pretty pinks by Magical525 Quilted Needlebook by Mattsma Rose Quartz wire wrapped pendant by IanirasArtifacts raspberry chocolate dessert by cloe-may Rose Brooch by l-heure-du-the Pixie Hollow Rosetta Cosplay Costume by glimmerwood Yarn basket earrings by CatsWire Rose by SaisonRomantique<da:thumb id="543463450"/> Argelia- wire wrapped copper necklace by mea00 : large sakura snowglobe : by Bastard--Prince Henrietta by NaimaAldarion Silver set Spring melody by JuliaKotreJewelry Box for jewelry Rose Garden by PushinkaArt Pink Smooshi by SophieXSmith Pastel Tentacle Key by FrozenNote<da:thumb id="559439096"/> UNTIAMELTH silver,jadeite,quartz,garnet,chalcedony by LUNARIEEN Pink Citrine's Glowing Charm by SerenityWireDesigns Pink Vase by meimicat Sweetwater by skezzcrom Antique Key by MarikoBarbie<da:thumb id="598199486"/> Meet Clarissa Piglet by KarenDavila Ombre Pink Crocodile Stitch Crochet Hat by KichisCrafts Antea, Japanese Cherry Blossom dragon by rosepeonie Bracelet Chebbi Chic by LadyLunarCat my Georgie sculpt by AngeniaC Kawaii Cthulhu Headdress by Firefly-Path silk scarf Poppies by MinkuLul Peonies by vasoiko White coral roses, polymer clay by BlossomHandmade My handmade polymer clay flowers. by V-eva First Blush Barrette by JadebutterflyDesigns Pink smash cake by EnchantedWhisk First flower dragon by AlviaAlcedo Little Mermaid Pink Ball Gown Cosplay Dress Detail by glimmerwood<da:thumb id="592813977"/> Rose Biscornu by Tishounette<da:thumb id="587030653"/> Handmade vintage style bridal earrings by EverAfterArtisanry Flower Box Take 2 by JustBelieveCreations Pink Sakura Kanzashi by SincerelyLove Christine Daae - The Phantom of the Opera 2004 by giusynuno

:rose: My Catalog :rose:
Currently Working On
> Glasmond's Between Day and Night Xstitch
> 5th machine sewn project: dress shirt for my brother
> Hannah-Alexander's Disney Mucha Princesses, Set 3
> Secret Xstitch Project
Upcoming Projects
> Like, a ton of three inch dresses
> Barbie bead dress prototypes (second draft)
> Personal project based on one of Qinni's pieces (xstitch)
> Star Trek Bead Dress (Based on OS and NG designs)
> Kitchen Xstitch (6/10 plants done)
> Awesome beaded cake kit by Katie Dean
> HAED Storykeep
> Two Wedding Sampler Xstitch

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Omigosh :love: This drawing is really super sweet, could you add into your artist comments that it's for my challenge, and link back to the journal? :eager: That way I can feature it properly!
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I've updated it, it should be ok for you to feature now~! =D :aww:
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Hehe, Thank you sweetie~! :love: :iconlazyblush2plz:
Okay, I'll try but I have to tell you, something weird has been going on with my submissions... (this one and the April Fools one...)

The April Fools one will not show unless you click to zoom once (I tried refreshing the upload twice then re-uploaded it and it STILL had the same problem), and the one for this upload, I did edits to include your journal here, but when I updated it, it didn't save ANY of my changes....
....I dunno why dA do dis...? ( TT - TT)/

But I WILL try again just in case it does work this time~! =D
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Oh, how very odd! It's working now, I have you listed for the end of the month! :love:
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Thank you my dear~! =D :love: :iconbunnyglompplz:
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A Dollhouse Coaster by WDWParksGal   This took me many hours over days to get done. My stitching isn't what it used to be! Sigh. Getting old has its drawbacks. But, as my husband says, it sure beats the alternative :giggle:
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Ohhhh no I think if this 'isn't what it used to be' then I need to hunt down your older pieces because this is sooooo nice, your stitching is beautiful! :love:

:stare: Much rather you get old than anything else, yes!
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I have pink for you!
Princess Small Lady Serenity custom by Leaf-nin
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YAYY I'm so pleased, thank you for entering leaf! :love:
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always a pleasure to do so!
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omg yayyy thank you~!
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You are most welcome!
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PLZ Unlike Comic - Pink Heart All ready for your drooling pleasure!  Make It Pink by Mattsma
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I have something light pink for ya and I hope you have an awesome birthday~! ^w^
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Yayy! :D Would you update the description to say it's for this challenge and link back to the journal for me? That way I can feature it!
BethSchniederoficial's avatar
Mhm of course I'm on it! :D
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