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:bulletpink: October is a favorite month for many, many people, especially my close-by Mattsma. :giggle: Many of you are going to be taking advantage of the multiple holidays cropping up all over the world with festive motifs to represent them, here in the USA that usually involves pumpkins. :la: But as I sat thinking of what to feature for this month it occurred to me that "hey, this is meant to be a challenge!" and it would be a little like cheating to have you all bring me pumpkins or skulls or bats when you're so obviously already doing that! :lol: So this month is GLOW because it'll take a little more effort and thinking on your part to get it done. Bring out your fanciest glowsticks, mix up that iridescent clay you've been waiting for an excuse to use, set the brightest of flames in that new candle holder!

Your challenge is:
  • Take your own craft and make something bright!
    • :la: It must be submitted to DA after this journal to count!
    • Pumpkins and other items with candles inside them will count too. :)
  • Link back to this journal in your description.
  • Comment here with a thumb/link so that I don't miss it.
  • Even if you aren't an artisan feel free to participate!
    • Yes!! Bring me drawings!! Bring me photos! Bring me stories! I don't care what your medium is. :la:
At the end of the month I'll feature all your new luminescent pieces in a new journal. :squee:
Abstergo Glow-In-Dark XStitch2 by LordLibidan Glow in the Dark Drop Pendants by JSmallDragon LED Zelda Fairy Bottle Necklace!!! by Linksliltri4ce Large Tink Glow Wings in Daylight by FaeryAzarelle Hi, I glow in the dark by Rrkra Ocean Themed Glow in the Dark Miniature Ponds by PepperTreeArt Poison Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties Rainbow Glow by FrozenNote bronze glow in dark dragon by claymeeples Serene Luna - Moon and Star Glow in the Dark by MagiteksCraftworks Tribal Tattoo Bracelet by Taisa-Winged Glowing Muertella by Roogna Deepest Space Fox by Gatobob Orange UV Glow on one of our Custom Zodiac Pieces by LadyPirotessa Glow Locket- Sold by Lustuad Spring Fay by Firefly-Path Cheshire cat GLOW - small floppy 2 by CyanFox3 Green Glow Crystals - For Sale by Ichi-Black Hey! Listen! by ArchandSoul Black and Glow Blue Dragon - GryphonWorks by SilverHauntArmoury Star Power Buddies in the Dark by IvrinielsArtNCosplay Glow Night Fury by hontor The gargen of small fairy.Glow in the dark.details by Laurefin-Estelinion 'Howling Wolf' [Glow In The Dark] 2.5D Pendant by navkaze Elephant Noise by tyrannorus 'Twas the night before Halloween! Glow in the Dark by Secretvixen

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I'm sorry for the laaaaaaaaaaaate answer Sweating a little... 
But anyway I thank You for the feature I love deviantART! 
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Happy Halloween pinkythepink
Here's my response to your GLOW challenge :)

Glow Boo! Glow in the Dark Polymer Clay Charm by DeeDeeODooDoo
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Yayyyy! You slipped right under the wire! :hug: Thank you!
ItsaBumbleDee's avatar
I got there in the end ;)
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Thank you for the consideration. Here is my creation, Achtung!…
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:la: Yesss! Thank you! I just need you to add to your artist comments you're putting it in the challenge, that way it fits with the entry requirements.
Ooh I'm so excited! :iconyeashplz:
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Got you, thanks so much!
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Cool, thanks again for the challenge :D!
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You are one year too late with your challenge =P (Razz) 
I`ve already made those ones last year:
White Lady`s Daughter with a friend by Katinka-Duval  White Lady by Katinka-Duval  White Lady by Katinka-Duval  
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:iconsocloseplz: Darn! I wish I had been in this challenge business, you would've been a star of the show!
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Does the picture have to actually show the glowing?
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It doesn't have to if you can't manage it, glow-in-the-dark pictures are really difficult to take! But if you can get it glowing totally do that on an inset image or something, that would be great. :)
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amg they're so cute :iconsupertighthugplz:
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