Artisan DDs for May!

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It was making me absolutely crazy that the DD roundup for last month got shuffled when DA switched to eclipse, so I'm resubmitting it!

Here are all the beautiful things I had the honor of featuring on the front page in May. :love: Please give them love if you haven't already. Drop them a comment of congratulations or just downright tell them how much you've been inspired! :D Comments like that keep the artistic elements flowing!

Princess Luna with fur
Syaoran Li
Circus Star 1.2
Dragonfly mandala giant dream catcher
20200125-IMG 8648-Edit copy
D20 leather bag - 1
Double braid ring with tutorial
These are kNot pipes
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So glad that I came across this, this new system is absolutely horrible, I usually end up on the journal section in my feed by accident, in the old version all notifications were perfectly summarized at one place, why did they divided it so I have to directly search if there are any journals/polls or group deviations, not to mention the activity notifications? Why Da, WHYYYYY

Yet again, I'm happy that you compile these so I can see them, keep it up!

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I sympathize :pray:

I'm glad you enjoy them, I think they'll be more useful than ever now :nod:

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So much talent and patience! ❤️

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