Artisan Craft DDs for May!

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Here are all the beautiful things I had the honor of featuring on the front page in May. :love:Please give them love if you haven't already. Drop them a comment of congratulations or just downright tell them how much you've been inspired! :D Comments like that keep the artistic elements flowing!

Flower Chibi Brooch YCH
Octopus Pendant
Peanut II
egg cairn with color gradiant
Axolotl plush and sewing pattern
Ember Handmade Custom Plush
The Mandalorian posable handmade miniature figure
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Thank you so much for including my Ember, I´m so proud of her. :love:

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You're welcome! :hug:

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Thankyou so much for including my miniature figure with these other great artisan crafts.

This was an awesome surprise today! :D

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:love: You're welcome!