Artisan Craft DDs for June!

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Here are all the beautiful things I had the honor of featuring on the front page in June. :love:Please give them love if you haven't already. Drop them a comment of congratulations or just downright tell them how much you've been inspired! :D Comments like that keep the artistic elements flowing!

Iluve - Heart Nebula II (Melotte 15)
Hyrule Map
134 - Vaporeon Card
Trypillian Artifact spoon
Little Space Mermaid
Angler Fish
Spring In Kurama Temple Cross Stitch
Needle felted Treecreeper
Charizard Y
Where The Wild Things Are - Book Sculpture
150,000 toothpicks - Bob Morehead
Flower Gleam and Glow Paper Art
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Thank you very much for featuring my bracelets :hug:

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You're welcome! <3

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Thanks so much for featuring my work.

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Thank you for the feature :hug:

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I really like some of artisan craft here.

I like the stitched Vaporeon and japanese temple

the others I felt interest on their amazing.

You know, I really wished that one day I could make a plushies. But it was just imagination. I really were not able to do that.

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I'm glad you enjoyed the features this month!

What's stopping you now? :) There's lots of different plushie types, I'm sure one of them could work for you. :heart:

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My limitation.

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