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Xstitch Pattern - Princess Peach's Stained Glass



Buy this pattern's variations here:…

You can download the SHINY version of the pattern as shown, FOR FREE, on my website:…
And the mirror version here:…

:iconpeachdance-plz: At last! This is one of the most nostalgic images of my childhood, and one I spent hours upon hours with running around in Super Mario on the N64. When I saw the classic level in Mario Odyssey I knew exactly what they were trying to do and it worked. La la la la The music! The grounds! The stars to collect! But most importantly: this window.

Last year another deviant posted her version of the stained glass window. She did a lovely job and I had messaged her - "I want it!! I want your pattern! Let me buy it!"
She replied back saying, to the short of it, "No."
So I tried again! "I can trade you for it? If you won't take my money, take my patterns!"
But then... no response... she ignored me.
Stare There was only one thing to do. Make my own version even better and 100% cooler, and let everyone have it for free.

Okay but then I got kind of a lot excited and started to make a bunch of variations based on her Super Smash colors. And then I was like... yeah but, what about the Shadow Queen? And then like... Princess Daisy started out pretty much as a recolor, why not her too? And then Rosalina... and Pauline... LOL There's now 20 patterns based on Princess Peach's Stained Glass Window. :D (Big Grin) So everyone can have my original intended one for free - the shiny version attached in a PDF here on this DeviantArt page, and the one that I stitched. And if you want any of the recolors they are for sale on my website considering I spent quite a while making them. :) (Smile)

I drew this pattern myself but of course the original artwork belongs to Nintendo. Heart I used rayon/satin threads for the grand majority to capture the shiny colors of the stained glass, cotton for her skin and outlines, and metallic for her crown and brooch. The color variations use cotton only due to DMC's rayon/satin threads being so limited.

Color Total: 20
Size: 2.5 x 4.5 inches
Time Total: 35 Hours
18 count white Aida
© 2020 - 2024 pinkythepink
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I would adore being able to make this!