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Winter 1896 (Alphonse Mucha)


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SPRING             SUMMER            AUTUMN

I got licensed to work with some of Alphonse Mucha's artwork! The past year of running my own alterations shop really put the brakes on being able to finish these. But now that the shop is closed, I was able to dive back in! Winter was a good pattern to come back to, her colors were pretty minimal and most of the lines were out in the background anyway.

I included a photo of my bobbins so that you can see that the colors aren't anywhere near as washed out as my program makes them out to be. All colors are DMC cotton - there's no metallics, beads, or other embellishments. There's a bit over one hundred and forty feet of backstitching throughout this two foot tall pattern. The background is done in half-stitching for a smooth, soft look, and our Lady Winter and the foreground are done in full-stitches. 221 x 429 stitches.

All in all, it took me 30 solid hours of pattern drawing, color placing, and symbol formatting, with another few hours to compile all that information into a readable PDF. LOL

WIPs can be viewed in my scraps:…

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Really wonderful :)
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You're welcome :)
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Very matching and appropriate!
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Lovely!! Now the series is complete!  2 feet tall, wow!!
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oh its cross stich thats wonderful i tought it was like "pixel art" or something like thta

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In this stage it's a lot like pixel art. :giggle: This is the digital representation of the color-coded symbols. :) Once I get into physically stitching it myself it'll be a lot less... hmm, bright looking? Digital?
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good luck on that. Feels like a long process

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j'aime beaucoup Mucha
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She might be my favourite of this set. Her colours are just so nice!
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:love: I gotta agree, the colors work soooo nicely together. Of course my bias might be showing for that ocean of pink background.
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Very well done, and a lovely palette!
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Thank you so much! :love: Working the palette out was a bit difficult but not nearly as bad as the other three. :lol:
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