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Whoops, Hats.


I probably mentioned it last time how fast crochet hats are to do? :lol: I went down to the crafty store and bought up a bunch of balls of yarn with the intention of practice and, my favorite thing to do with practice, to give the pieces as gifts. Last year I did aprons for all my lovely ladies, this year my lovely dudes are getting hats. (Except that bottom right one, that's for Kos.)

"Custom" pattern... :lol: made by myself. The pattern I used for my first two hats was a monsterous pile of 'what' with, what I'm told, is due to the size of the yarn. My pattern is just, well, a lot of double stitches. Most of these hats are very comfy, some yarn is softer than others. Hope everyone gets use from their hats~

Better PomPom by pinkythepink Grey Crochet Hat (Read for Pattern) by pinkythepink First Crocheted Hat by pinkythepink King of Hats by pinkythepink
Mini Bead Top Hat with Stages by pinkythepink Mini Bead Western Cowboy/girl Hat by pinkythepink
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That white one is Very cute! :aww:! :heart:!!
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:love: It's my favorite of the bunch, thank you!
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such very cute hats, I do like the fact you put in how the size of the yarn does matter in your very detailed work. I would love adult sized.
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Thank you much! It does make more of a difference than I was prepared for, it's true. :D
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They look so cute and fantastic!:D
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You've got hats, they're multiplying! Great work.
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Suddenly five more in my future? :lol: Thanks <3
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how I admire crocheting! Love 
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Those are some nice-looking hats!
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You're welcome!
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Lovely hats Love 
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They're adorable!
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I love the look of all of them! It still amazes me how quickly you can churn them out. You must have motors in your fingers! 
These look like beautiful and thoughtful Christmas gifts, too. (I once knitted scarves for everybody for Christmas. And after some sleepless nights... I said... never again... :crying:)
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Thank you! :la: Motors in my fingers would be pretty handy, haha, and I sure hope they do go over well on the holidays. Scarves sound like a lottttt more work honestly, did everyone appreciate it at least? :D
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... Yeah. I would probably pay to get motors installed in my  hands, too. ^^; 

I'd like to think these guys appreciated it. I know one did for sure. But... since they all live pretty far away, I guess there's no saying that they are just saying nice things to make me feel good. ^^;
that's a lot of hats!
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