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Tillathehuny - The Pirate - The Wonder Woman


This is the only present I had time to handmake this year. :heart: Somewhere around.... oh, the file says so. Okay. So. March this year. I have this pattern by Brooke's Books:
I'm a huge fan of Brooke's but (you're tired of this excuse like I'm tired of this excuse) I don't have the time to do her patterns. I own a whole buncha them, have dumped a lot of money into supplies, and sit and stare at them and want to do them but never can. So, I fell back on my old, old habits. Over a decade old habits. Do stuff as gifts. If I do something as a gift then I don't feel the time is wasted, I still get to stitch, and everything is good all around.

I took the pattern and copied it into my pattern program, then I started editing. The small stuff first: like color.
Oh wait wait wait wait wait.
I should back up a little bit.
I used to play a game called Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates. It's a basic MMO type of game where you create an avatar (pirate) and play (puzzles) in order to earn PoE (money) to buy pretty outfits.

The first recolor I made of Brooke's pirate pattern was of my own pirate, Amelia. Color was really easy to do: pink and white. It's what I always wore. My parrot is tan and grey, so that took a bit of work, but I got that done too. The more major efforts were removing the eyepatch / rebuilding the face, and chopping off a hand in favor of a hook.
Officer Training
Pirate Officer Training for Amelia's crew. Subject to change.
Buying a Ship
     Sloops are generally worth 13k - 15k poe. (Poe is pirate money.. Pieces of eight. People will look at you oddly if you call it gold) Every Fleet Officer and above in my crew is required to own at least one sloop. A sloop is the smallest ship, a Grand Frigate is the largest. Grand Frigs can cost up to 160k poe.
     When you order a ship from a Ship Yard via the mini-map in the right-hand corner the ship will be worked on. When it is finished the deed to the ship can be picked up at the Ship Yard you ordered it from. The ship is auto-ported at the dock of the island you ordered your ship from. Meaning - if you order your ship on Orca Island and you live on Alpha Island you have one heck of a sail to get done.
Unlocking and Locking Your Vessel
     Once you have possession of the deed to your ship an

I also did a version of Adida, my best friend from Y!PP. Again - pretty simple color swapping to black and aqua. Adida has an entirely different hairstyle though, so I redid that whole thing, and then made her a peg leg. It's a lot of fun to just play with patterns, I tell you!

And now, we have Tilla. Tilla is a pirate I hardly ever played with, in fact, I'm pretty sure our interactions was limited to vague passing bys and waving at each other on the dock or on ships. We became friends outside of the game, through a mutual friend, and have just kept in touch sending each other cute stuff. Tilla is really kind to me. She thinks about me and sends me goodies and sends me links for stuff I really wanna buy and is just overall awesome. So, I had to sleuth a little bit, and casually asked her about what her pirate looks like. Well, no surprises here! Tilla dresses her pirate like Wonder Woman. It's one of the few things I'm really really concrete about Tilla on - she loves WW.

In March when I was working on this, I was at my desk at H&R Block. I did it because it was an idea floating in my head to make use of it, since I knew, even though I love Brooke's pattern, that I was just never going to stitch a pirate witch. It just has no place for me. So after fooling around with Amelia and Adida, I tackled Tilla. Tilla doesn't have any injuries on her pirate (hook, eyepatch, peg leg) so I could put most of Brooke's pattern back. I knew the broom needed to be replaced, though, and I couldn't just leave her standing there doing nothing with her arm out. Sleuth.... WW has a magic lasso. Tilla also has pirate portraits holding loops of rope (from the sailing game). BAM. A rope made of beads replaced the witch's broom!! I recolored her parrot to orange, matched up the little details like the boot color, or replacing the necklace with the flat gold the pirates wear, and then....

I set it aside.

I didn't work on it until the end of October, which is appropriate enough for the original Halloween theme from Brooke's pattern. This only took me 16 hours to stitch, in total, but I didn't finish until the beginning of December. That's incredibly slow progress for me. There's just so much else going on!! Auuugh. But I am super happy I got this done for Tilla, I'm super happy to have been able to turn her pirate into a little dress up doll, and I love knowing with 99% certainty that she's the only one with a little dress up Y!PP pirate. It's awesome. It's awesome and I'm happy to have accomplished it.

Merry Christmas, Tilla. Thanks for always supporting me.

Color Total: 25
Bead Sizes: 1
Bead Color Total: 4
Bead Total: 166
Size: roughly ~7x6 inches
Time Total: 16 hours
14 count clear perforated plastic
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 :) This is cute!
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You're welcome hon! ;) I'm watching... :D
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My pleasure! Hug 
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This is adorable! I love the detailed work. And the detachable pieces! How on Earth did you do it? 

Bravo, my friend! 
And Merry Christmas! :w00t:
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:iconblushplz: Ahhh, thank you! It's done on plastic canvas, which is to say instead of fabric, I stitched on to plastic. :) So once everything was stitched I just cut it out, and everything stays stiff. Like a paper doll! Except... plastic. :lol:

Merry Christmas and happy new you to you, too! :hug:
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Hey... that's amazing. Plastic sounds like a harder thing to deal with than fabric! 

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, too! :huggle:
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you're welcome! 
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Goodness, she's adorable!
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Merry Christmas! :hug:
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Aw, Merry Christmas rhunel :hug:
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