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Three-Piece Tennis BeadDress


Edit 5/31/19 Brightened the image to remove the weird yellow tint.

This is done from a kit I special-ordered from Japan that came with all the supplies, including the mannequin. This is the eighth of the five-inch-tall miniature bead dresses I've done from kits. This is the new fastest dress in the "5-inch" tall dresses.

This is the third of the short skirt dress patterns. This dress is done differently than any of the others in a handful of ways. The skirt was beaded before the top which is opposite of every other dress I've done. The top does not actually connect to the skirt either; the skirt can be moved freely from the top. Both are beaded directly onto the dress form and cannot be removed. The jacket is the first free-form clothing addition to the 5-inch tall dresses. It fits snug over the dress and keeps its bust even off the form. I will be able to use the top of this dress for other skirts, but this skirt can only be used with this top. The jacket can be used on any pattern (except the next one that is not done yet). The back of the dress isn't pictured because it looks about the same as the front.

Both dress and jacket use size 11 and 15 white and red glass seed beads. The white beads are the same pearly-shiny kind used on the wedding dress. The red beads.... hnnnngggg. I'm pretty sure that the red beads are glass. They have a strange finish on them to say the least, they're flat and not all that shiny and they're difficult to work with. The thread I'm using is the same (White Japanese One G nylon) and my methods/techniques are the same (100% herringbone for this dress and jacket), so I am putting the blame on the red beads. The thread has broken not once, not twice, not even three times.... it broke so many times I stopped counting. And not just in random spots! Specifically, where the red stripe goes around the bottom of the skirt, and ALL over the jacket.

:iconfacepalmplz: That freaking jacket. I'm positive that in future pieces the jacket will be fine. I really do like the pattern, it was simple {except for the sleeves, as always} and tight, very clean process and I was happy to work with it. But nonstop I was having to go backwards to repair broken thread and beads flying everywhere. It is not a good sign for me. None of the other dresses have ever had the One G break, so I'm really and sincerely hoping it's just these red beads being ridiculous and not a problem in the thread I've come to swear by. Also, on occasion when the needle scratched the red beads, they were silver/grey underneath the paint. What this means, I'm not sure... but it was most unpleasant to work with them.

I learned from this pattern a new way to hide the thread underneath the beads when moving away from the main waist beads, such as around the bust and arms/sleeves. It made it tighter and slightly more difficult to work with, but it also hid the thread color being different from the beads. Speaking of which: this kit did not come with red One G. Strange, I know it exists! But the jacket is still done entirely with the white thread. It looks messy to me, but I suppose the white thread on red beads is less noticeable than it would be red thread with white beads.

Color Total: 2
Bead Sizes: 2
Size: 3 inches tall, 1 inch waist, 1 1/4 inch bust, 2 inches hem
Size Jacket: 1 3/4 inches tall, 1 1/2 inch waist, 2 inches sleeve-to-sleeve width
Time: 11 1/2 hours (fastest yet!), 9 hours Jacket, 20 1/2 Total
I can only place six thumbnails per deviation so as the short dresses continue fewer long dresses will be featured.
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Top, skirt, and jacket. :D Thank you!

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So elegant and charming, it's cute!
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I like it SO much!!! <3
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:aww: Thank you much!
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Very, very pretty!
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Sorry it gave you so much trouble, but it turned out so beautifully!
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:aww: Thank you very much!
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I cannot imagine the annoyance you had while beading that jacket :hug:
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