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Summer 1896 (Alphonse Mucha)


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SPRING                 AUTUMN             WINTER

I got licensed to work with some of Alphonse Mucha's artwork last year and have been dancing around the problems of getting them done ever since. :lol: Summer took a lot less work than Spring and I did manage to get her lining done during the tax season, colors were finished over the course of a month.

I included a photo of my bobbins so that you can see that the colors aren't anywhere near as washed out as my program makes them out to be. All colors are DMC cotton - there's no metallics, beads, or other embellishments. There's a bit over one hundred and seven feet of backstitching throughout this two foot tall pattern. The background is done in half-stitching for a smooth, soft look, and our Lady Summer and the foreground are done in full-stitches. 217 x 428 stitches.

All in all, it took me 35.5 solid hours of pattern drawing, color placing, and symbol formatting, with another 3 hours to compile all that information into a readable PDF. :lol: That's 38.5 hours of work, holy moley!

WIPs can be viewed in my scraps:…

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It looks so close to the original! I'm especially impressed by the lighting on her dress and by the water. Wonderful job!
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Thank you so much. :love: I was really surprised once I got in depth with the details for her, just how muchhhhh goes into things like the reflection. It was quite the joy to work with. :)
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I DON'T UNDERSTAND, IT'S TOO PERFECT Stare [Supernatural] Supernatural - Paranoid Dean Crazy Jensen 
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These are amazing!!!!
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Oh wow! Do you have all the 4 seasons?
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Thanks! For 1896, yes, I do! :la: I'm half way through the set as the patterns go, Spring and Summer, with Autumn and Winter on my work table next.
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Yay! Winter is my season and my favourite of the four paintings by Mucha.
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Well done! :clap: That's a very faithful recreation, especially color-wise, which can be hard to do in floss!
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Thank you so much, Neva! :love: It means a lot!
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As a lover of Mucha and his works this is a great effort you made! Although not into cross stitching I think you very well transformed Muchas work into something anybody else can recreate.
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:love: Thank you so much! I hope that many people will enjoy stitching it, even though it's far from the size of the original, :lol: I think putting so much love into stitching a piece like this will really make it a special piece.
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