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This is based on artwork I commissioned years ago of my original character, Princess Aerie Evergreen. Pattern can be bought here:…

She's done by an unknown artist from back when I was on Gaia Online. I ordered and paid for the art with the game currency back then, Gaia Gold. This artist was known as "Siran Lucine". There is a DeviantArt profile for this name but it hasn't been active since 2010 so I just don't know for sure. SiranLucine is that you?? Stare

Finishing this piece has been both extremely satisfying and made me feel very weird. There's almost an "out of body" feeling as I admire my own finished work, "Did I make that?", wherein if I saw this for sale I would immediately buy it - but I don't need to because I literally just made it for myself, by myself. My inner child is absolutely screeching grabby hands for her and it's like but we already have it and it's SO WEIRD FEELING LIKE THIS! I'm enchanted, entranced, ecstatic about this gaudy, glittery fairy. She sparkles no matter what direction you're angled, her sequins capture that rainbow gleam that all my favorite Barbies accessories had on them. You know - that rainbow polka dot thing? I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I don't think I could do better, I've absolutely peaked. She is my magnum opus. It's all downhill from here, folks.

Bodice, gloves, and hair ribbon are silk. Bracelets, wings, necklace, and dress ribbons are metallic. Beads are glass, crystal, and plastic sequins. Rest is cotton. Basically can't stop staring at her. :heart:

Color Total: 24
Bead Sizes: 3
Bead Colors: 4
Size: 7.5 x 10.5 inches
Time: 117 hours
18 Count Wisteria Aida fabric from Sunflower Printed Fabric
Pattern by ME
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4000x2665px 5.11 MB
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